You don’t have to be crazy, but…

Hello, and welcome to my first post on the new blog. Taking the advice of a good friend, I am going to post my trials and errors as I begin a new chapter: putting down a life-long cigarette habit, and picking up a pair of running shoes instead. I have long dreamed of running a marathon – ever since high school, when I realized that being 5′-10″ and 140 pounds made me unsuited to most other sports. My family actually prevented me from joining the track team back them, as our  situation made all before- and after-school activities both too expensive and too inconvenient for them. But I’m grown now; high school is long, long behind me; I guess it’s time at last to move forward.

I hope that whatever I end up speaking here will be of benefit to someone else, but in the end, this is really my own struggle, and my own place…what happens here, stays here. (Unless I actually get some followers, and then you can do with it what you wish – but I hope you see something worth sharing!)


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