Today is the day!

It’s still early in the morning, I am the only one up – this is normal, as my wife’s sleep schedule has been ruined by chemotherapy, although it was erratic to begin with. Nowadays, she is often going to bed just about the time I wake up…ships passing at the bedpost, as it were 🙂

Rising early has become deeply ingrained after twenty years in the construction industry…living in Houston means getting out on the road before most people’s alarms have gone off to beat the horrible traffic and be on a jobsite by starting time, normally 7 am. I do enjoy the quiet, and the luxury of waking up slowly, so I rise at 5, have my coffee, my devotional time, and my “breakfast blogs”. Then into the truck and off to work. I am blessed to have been assigned to a project in downtown that will last at least a year, because it’s only a fifteen-minute commute, with no freeways…I arrive stress-free and early, both good things when you are the foreman/super on the project, and need a clear head to handle all the problems that inevitably occur first thing in the morning. Today the site is closed for the New Year holiday, so I get a bonus paid vacation day as well – can’t think of a better way to end the year!

Well, actually I can, and I am: today is the day I begin training as a distance runner. This is part of my plan to leave cigarettes behind, once and for all, as well as a return to something I enjoyed as a teenager. I had considered running in the mornings, since I’m already up early, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how important this quiet time is for me, and so I will be training in the afternoons and evenings instead. I have a sense that it will be a great way to make the break between the work day and my home life; when I work farther from home, the hour or two a cross-town commute often takes would provide a decompression period, a buffer to protect my family from the accumulation of frustration, so I don’t relieve myself on them; but walking in the door twenty minutes after locking the gangbox at the site, I’m still percolating on that energy, and it’s not healthy in  any other environment. A thirty-minute workout ought to do the trick, I think. Once I get past the first 5k, around late March or early April, I may have to revisit the schedule – longer races require longer workouts, and that will take some heavy-duty decision making and restructuring to accommodate.

I guess I just needed to write down the words to make it real – today, I become a runner!


  1. Jen

    Congrats on becoming a runner! I took that first step at started c25k just 6 months ago. Since then, I have completed four 5ks and have fallen in love with running. There have been challenging times along the way, both physically and mentally but I am so glad I didn’t give up. Look forward to following your progress.

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