Man, it’s almost kinda scary (but I like it!)

Did my first training run yesterday, and really enjoyed it. So, now I have a new problem, one that I had not expected…my original schedule was gonna be Mon/Thur/Sat, because that fits well around my work schedule and church demands – I’m associate pastor, and half the preaching rotation, so there’s lots to do during the week.

Then I spent the day with my dad, which is a stress-filled thing (because I am me and he is my dad) and driving home all I could think was, “Could I squeeze a quick run in tonight? Man that would blow off the stress!” (No, I couldn’t make it work, darn it, but I wanted to!) One run, and I’m already a junkie! So, I have revised the schedule to Mon/Wed/Fri,  just to get to the next run sooner, and leave room on the weekends for an “extra” run! I will MAKE that fit.

AND, I have selected my first competitive event: the Bayou City Classic 5K Fun Run (the 10K is a race, but I don’t think I will be ready for that). Wish me well, I am definitely one of you now!


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