C25K Week 1 Day 2

Workout – 5 min: warm up brisk walk

20 min: alternating 1:00 jog/1:30 walk

5 min: cool down easy walk

Stats – 2.61 miles (personal best distance)

    10:51 min/mile (personal best pace)

Conditions – 45 degrees, windy, mixed terrain (road/grass)

Comments – We have a saying here in southeast Texas…If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute…it’ll change! Today was a proof of that: 48 hours after the last run, 20 degrees colder, with a biting north wind…brrr!!! So glad I had the foresight to buy a wind suit on my way home from work today, but I need to grab my gloves next time – hands were kinda numb by the time I made it home.

The other major difference was I put some music on my phone to run to, made a HUGE difference in morale and pacing; we will see if this endures…when I was in college, my lab prof had a mantra: if you can’t do it twice, you haven’t done anything…the “rule of reproducible results”, as it’s formally known. A good rule, because trends are what I want to watch…PB’s are nice, and I’m all about getting better, but as a whole, not in random spots. All in all, a very satisfying day!

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