C25K Week 2 Day 3

Workout – 5 min: warm up brisk walk

21 min: alternating 1:30 jogging/2:00 walking

5 min: cool down easy walk

Stats – 2.75 miles

    11:15 min/mile

Conditions – 45 degrees, windy, mixed terrain (road/grass)

Comments – I missed my planned run yesterday, spending the time instead visiting a friend in hospice, who has made the decision to end her active battle against cancer.  Shortly after undergoing surgery to remove one lung and a brain tumor, she suffered kidney failure and a stroke, which led to discovery of a second brain tumor, and she said no more…she will wait out the rest of her time with all the dignity and peace she can manage. So Karen and I spend every other evening at the hospital, with her grown daughters –  laughing, crying, talking…living. I call a few rescheduled training runs an even trade, wouldn’t you?

Karen did her final chemo treatment today, and we met the radiation oncologist to plan the next phase…6 weeks of radiation, beginning early February. She gets three weeks to rest and recuperate, and we are glad. On the other hand, I have almost rested too much…my run today felt like a strain; no rain (that ended this morning…hope you got lucky too, Nicole!) but maybe I need to pick a different route – my there-and-back has the biting north wind in my face coming home, and 10-15 mph is a drag, any way you want to take that! Next week the intervals change again, longer and equal in duration; my current path follows the shoulder of the Hardy Toll Road access feeder, with all the trash you would expect to find, plus the added joy of traffic whizzing by at 40-50 mph, and occasionally turning in front of me with no warning.  I could drive a few blocks down to the high school and go around the track, but that even sounds monotonous; plus the place is packed with soccer players, kids, dogs, and all sorts of distractions. I may opt to switch over to the right-of-way buffer between the feeder road and the Tollway, but that is grassy and un-mowed, except for the mud track torn through it by horses and ATV’s (this is one diverse neighborhood, isn’t it?) And I am not at the point of wanting to get in my vehicle to actually drive somewhere to run – that feels just inconvenient enough to be a bummer, and I really want to keep this going, because I am having fun and feeling challenged – I don’t get that combination very often anymore.

I don’t want I refuse to quit…I have had enough of giving up on stuff, whether it be exercise (more wasted club memberships than I want to remember), or writing (this blog and the other one are not the first – I have started and abandoned two others in five years) or stopping smoking (fifteen days, no cheating …e-cigs are awesome!) I will persevere, I will succeed, and you, Constant Readers, will get to share in my victory! Tally ho!!


  1. Carlos

    ONE WEEK without an update, Nick! You said it yourself — “refuse to quit”, so get back out there and run!

    Your body is a temple. Running is a prayer. The road is church.


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