C25K Week 3 – Holding here a minute

Just saw a comment chiding me for not updating for a week…it’s true, I have not been running the whole week 😦  But I haven’t given up, I have only had to make some hard choices…and have more to make. Here’s how it went:

I have shared some about our friend in hospice; last Wednesday the visit lasted a while and I had to delay a run…but that was entirely worth it. The next day my dad called – his computer was down, red alert! battle stations!! – so there went another day. Then Karen developed a fever, and we spent most of a night at the ER, getting tests done…another day gone. Three whole evenings out of my week left me desperately behind in writing the sermon I had to preach this weekend, so there went Friday night and most of Saturday. So Sunday comes, I do the message…and get invited to preach it again at the night service for the Spanish church! A great privilege, and my first paid speaking engagement…but now that’s a whole week without a run.

This week is no better. There are two dentist appointments and a funeral, and another trip to to Dad’s already on the agenda this week…so my current plan is to just start over at Week One, Day One on Monday the 28th, and go from there. I won’t complete the plan before the 5K in March I’m already registered for, but so what..I’ll run it anyway, and walk some if I can’t run it all…just getting across the finish line will count more than how fast I do it – and I might surprise myself!

What I WILL NOT DO is just give up. So thanks for the encouragement, and the friendly push…it always helps to have someone in your corner! I’ll still post something here every few days, to keep it fresh, until I start training again. See you then!

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