C25K Reboot Week 1 Day 1

Workout – 5 min: warm up brisk walk

20 min: alternating 1:00 jog/1:30 walk

5 min: cool down easy walk

Stats – 2.47 miles

    12:09 min/mile

Conditions – 78 degrees, very windy, rough terrain (road/grass, lots of trash and debris)

Comments – So after a two-week layoff, I have begun again. I was kind of concerned about running today, because I have been limping around the last five days with a pinched sciatic nerve (I was working on an unsteady ladder, it shifted suddenly, I had to twist to keep my balance, and ZING!) but I did some careful dynamic stretches to warm up, and that felt pretty good, so I decided to go for it. I probably could have just picked up where I left off, but that all-or-nothing streak I battle with in most things may help me here…as long as I push forward towards the all, not fall back into nothing. I still intend to do the 5K I signed up for in five weeks, even though I will only be half-way through this plan, but so what? It’s not a competitive run, and my REAL goal is to finish it, not win it; the next one can be a race, if that’s what I need!


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