C25K Reboot Week 1 Day 2

Workout – 5 min: warm up brisk walk

20 min: alternating 1:00 jog/1:30 walk

5 min: cool down easy walk

Stats – 2.53 miles

    11:50 min/mile

Conditions – 59 degrees, windy, grassy terrain

Comments – Tried a small variation on my course today…instead of running the shoulder of the access road, I crossed over to the grassy right-of-way under the power line towers, beside the train tracks. There’s no trash to dodge, and no crossing traffic to avoid – nice perks! I think I’ll keep to this track, it removes a lot of distraction and lets me focus on the actual running. Another note: the sciatic nerve issue seems to have resolved…thank goodness!

One comment

  1. Nicole Marie

    Glad to hear you’re not having any issues with you’re running! That sounds like a nice path. I’ve been sticking to a lake near my house; the path surrounding it is exactly a mile one time around! That weather sounds perfect, too.

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