C25K Reboot Week 2 Day 1

Workout – 5 min: warm up brisk walk

21 min: alternating 1:30 jogging/2:00 walking

5 min: cool down easy walk

Stats – 2.60 miles

    11:54 min/mile

Conditions – 77 degrees, grassy terrain

Comments –  I am definitely enjoying the warmer weather! Cold air hurts my throat, makes my joints ache…but a good sweat – that’s the ticket!

I like my little grassy right-of-way running path, except for the tire ruts from the ATV’s;  I am almost tempted to drive down to the high school and do a couple of days’ training on the track, just to see if not having to keep watching the ground will improve my pace any…I get tired of tripping and stumbling, and being worried about twisting my ankle! What is the common consensus on the pro’s and con’s of running on a track versus on grass or off-road?

Other than griping about the ground, not much to report – it FEELS like I’m doing repeats, but next week we return to new territory. Here’s to exploration!


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