C25K Week 3 Day 1

Workout – 5 min: warm up brisk walk

18 min: two reps – 1:30 jogging/1:30 walking/3:00 jogging/3:00 walking

5 min: cool down walk

Stats – 2.60 miles

    10:45 min/mile (personal best pace)

Conditions – 64 degrees, calm, running track

Comments – After missing ANOTHER full week of training runs, because life, I decided to move forward into Week 3…no more re-boots or repeats, the first race is only 26 days away!  Finally tried out the track at the high school, I think this is a good decision – no distractions of traffic/trash/mud ruts, and easier to monitor distance: one lap on inside lane = 1/4 mile, no guessing or reading the display on the trainer app. Learning to focus comes slowly, but steadily.

The run felt good, 3:00 jogging was a nice push forward – I even stretched a sprint out of myself the last :30 of each interval! That is what helped me take the overall pace to a new record, let’s hope this trend continues.

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