C25K Week 3 Day 3

Workout – 5 min: warm up brisk walk

18 min: two reps – 1:30 jogging/1:30 walking/3:00 jogging/3:00 walking

5 min: cool down walk

Stats – 2.05 miles

    13:39 min/mile

Conditions – 60 degrees, calm, running track

Comments – Way off the normal pace today, but I knew that would be true before I even got started…took an unexpected nap, woke up just in time to throw on the running clothes and get to the track. No good stretching, distracted mentally, but I pushed past all that and got it done. Some days it’s just about putting in the work, instead of blowing it off, and this was one of those days.

Next week intervals and duration change again, I think the muscle confusion is good for me – why should the mind be having all the fun by itself!

22 days until Race Day…I am making too much of it? Who cares, it’s MY race, I will if I want to!

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