C25K Week 4 Day 1

Workout – warm up 5:00 brisk walk

 jog 3:00/walk 1:30/jog 5:00/walk 2:30/jog 3:00/walk 1:30/jog 5:00

cool down 5:00 walk

Stats – 3.05 miles (best distance)

    10:19 min/mile (best pace)

Conditions – 65 degrees, calm, running track

Comments – Got a blessing today…thunderstorms have been rolling through the city all day, even some tornadoes; but by the time we got home from Karen’s radiation treatment, the sun was out and I had a perfect window to do today’s run before dark – God is good!

Great run today…broke 3 miles for the first time, actually running 2 miles of that! Also, since the run interval is now longer than the walk, the pace is really beginning to meet my secret expectations – I know the biggest accomplishment for me will be to actually complete the race, but my inner competitor is not going to be happy if it takes me over 30 minutes to do it! Another week, and let’s see if that pace isn’t down under 10:00/mile 🙂

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