C25K Week 4 Day 2

Workout – warm up 5:00 brisk walk

 jog 3:00/ walk 1:30/ jog 5:00/ walk 2:30/ jog 3:00/ walk 1:30/ jog 5:00

cool down 5:00 walk

Stats – 3.23 miles (best distance)

    9:45 min/mile (best pace)

Conditions – 73 degrees, calm, running track

Comments – I am really liking running at the high school track. I had thought that the other people there would be a distraction; they are, but not in a bad way…watching them kind of lifts me out of myself, and the paces just flit by unnoticed. I am mildly surprised at the interval changes when the app coach announces them. I also get really into the music, trying to match my steps to the beat, or find the best rhythm that does match.

Another good run today…broke 3 miles again, this should be the norm now. Most happy to see the pace below ten minutes per mile 🙂 The “run” intervals actually average to 8:45/mile, this is good, I hope that hold up when I’m running the whole 3 miles, not just pieces of it…we shall see!

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