C25K Week 4 Day 3

Workout – warm up 5:00 brisk walk

 jog 3:00/ walk 1:30/ jog 5:00/ walk 2:30/ jog 3:00/ walk 1:30/ jog 5:00

cool down 5:00 walk

Stats – 2.83 miles

    11:08 min/mile

Conditions – 63 degrees, calm, grass

Comments – Got off schedule, ended up squeezing the run in between morning and afternoon church services (I preached at both today, woo-hoo!) The high school is closed on Sunday, gates locked and everything, so I went looking for an alternate running spot, off the streets. Ended up behind the softball fields at the local city park, which meant running in the grass;this park doesn’t have running trails, just playgrounds, soccer and baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts…something for everyone! There’s an area way off at one end, beautiful 1/4- mile long space with four rows of oak trees, that’s where I ran today. Nice, quiet, the trees keep the grass from getting too tall, trade-off is the ground is paved in acorns, 3 inches deep. Nice resistance, kind of like sand but not as deep, and much softer than gravel.

I noticed the difference in my pace and distance, definitely, but I still felt it was a good workout. Next week the intervals change again, and different every day – will be weaning off the recovery walks, and running longer segments…looking good for race day!

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