C25K Week 5 Day 1

Workout – warm up 5:00 brisk walk

 jog 5:00/ walk 3:00/ jog 5:00/ walk 3:00/ jog 5:00

cool down 5:00 walk

Stats – 2.71 miles

    11:26 min/mile

Conditions – 63 degrees, calm, “acorn road”

Comments – I actually did this run yesterday, but only now getting around to posting it. Back at the park, with the ground paved in tree nuts…it appears that the high school is off-limits on weekday afternoons; at least, I think so: with the entire girls’ track and field team, AND the girls’ softball team both out at practice, Coach was posted at the gate and waving off all visitors (it’s a sad commentary on the state of the world, that I am glad and relieved they are vigilant, even at the expense of “my” training spot)

So today the run intervals are longer, but so are the walks…I am finding that my calves tighten up more walking than running, what gives? I do know that I seem to be taking longer strides when walking; never have been the “heel-toe” type, is that a weakness I need to correct? So many questions, so little interest in Googling around to try to find answers…I would make an excellent procrastinator, if I ever got around to doing it! (Click here to tweet that, I dare you!)

Tomorrow is my next training day, and the durations increase again…I don’t like the long walk interval; I will probably run at least some of it – maybe break it into 1-minute alternating walk/run chunks…been doing that here and there the last two or three sessions, as I have been able. Is that cheating? Maybe, but I want to push a little, this last ten days before the race.

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