C25K Week 5 Day 2

IMG_20130301_170533               I got my race packet – I’m official now!


Workout – warm up 5:00 brisk walk

 jog 8:00/ walk 5:00/ jog 8:00

cool down 5:00 walk

Stats – 3.00 miles

    10:19 min/mile

Conditions – 58 degrees, windy, “acorn road”

Comments Another day where the posting follows behind the actual work, but this is far better than posting about not running, isn’t it? I will take it!

I pushed the margins of my trainer app again – I cut the walk intervals, adding in a 1:30 run in the middle of the first “walk”, and another 1:30 in the “cool down” period, plus an all-out sprint the last 30 seconds. Yes, it throws off the stats a bit, but I think it’s more about knowing I can do more…and then doing more. The next run is supposed to be a warm-up, then 20 minutes running, with no walking. I plan to do this one early Saturday morning, and use it as a “dry run” for the race next week, since I normally run in the evening, after being on my feet all day – no surprises!

On a related personal note, I am starting to enjoy running at the park. The search for a “spot” has revealed another aspect of my personality I’m not very happy about, but…since you cannot correct what you are not aware of, I will bless the Lord for choosing a fairly low-impact way to bring me to conviction! Here’s the deal: even when the situation is beneficial to me, I find that I don’t appreciate it unless it’s my idea. This is such an ungrateful attitude, that I was really hoping I had outgrown by now; yet here it is again, popping up in the most unusual areas of my life. Running at the park is a really cool idea – it’s not private property, so it’s always accessible; it’s closer to the house than the high school; there are service roads, if I want to run on a paved surface, grass if I want that, bleachers to do stair workouts, restrooms are handy…I could not ask for more! But I had to be “forced” into going there, and looked for excuses not to go…what is wrong with me ??

So once again, I am learning that “running” and the training involved, is only a metaphor for “life”. I am certain that this is not an original discovery, but it’s new and important for me; the way I choose to respond is also important, and so I will also choose something new – I will make a conscious effort to receive the good things God gives me, instead of griping about not getting my way. I will remind myself (one more time) of the very first verse of Scripture I ever made a decision to memorize: Proverbs 3:5-6, from the NASB –

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.

“Straight paths” are something wonderful to a runner, right? I am growing again, praise the Lord that He loves me enough to grow me!


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