C25K Week 6 Day 1


Workout – warm up 5:00 brisk walk on the clock

  Plan:  jog 5:00 / walk 3:00 / jog 8:00 / walk 3:00 / Jog 5:00 / cool down 5:00 on the clock

  Actual:  jog 5:00 / walk 1:00 / jog 10:00 / walk 3:00 / Jog 10:00 / cool down off the clock

Stats – 3.37 miles (best distance)

    10:05 min/mile average

Conditions – 65 degrees, calm, around the park

Comments – Well, my career as a runner must be destined for greatness – it is following the pattern of every other worthwhile accomplishment I have ever had…every step forward will be preceded by three steps back! I have the race this weekend (see the countdown over there on the right), and so I am really trying to be ready; but life has conspired to keep me from doing ANY training this week until today. (I did spend some time on the foam roller, but that was as much to work out the kinks from being stuck in bed 24 hours straight as anything else.) I have been frustrated by scheduling, by circumstances, even by a bout of food poisoning (that was the stuck in bed portion); but finally I got back on the road today, and had one of my best days ever!

I spent some of my down time loading all my previous work from C25K into my dailymile profile, which is now synced with my newly loaded and configured Nike+ app (man, I sure have picked up all the cool toys quickly!) so I could have a better picture of my overall progress to date (over 50 miles this year, I never even imagined it added up that fast!). It also gives me a more consistent place to share from…if you aren’t following me on Twitter, well why not?  I am trying to use both apps simultaneously, and so far it’s working pretty good…I may drop C25K after this race, and jump to the next level: 5K-to-10K, but that has not been confirmed yet. I have not found a 10K to run in yet, but I will, I’m sure…there are bound to be plenty coming up in the spring and early summer. Then, I’ll move up again, to training for a half-marathon…depending on how I am doing, I may focus on that as my New Year’s race, or I may persist in thinking I can run a full marathon…I have to wait until May 1 just to get in the lottery for the Chevron/Aramco race, so let’s see where I am by then. I’m not so much concerned with ability, it’s time that is my biggest enemy: I will have to make some very serious decisions about life priorities to make room for consistent training, if I ever intend to run more than 5 miles at a time.

In case I don’t post again before the weekend, I will definitely be sharing how I did – it’s not an officially sanctioned event at the 5K level, but you can bet I will be treating it like one!

And, in a non-running-related sidebar, I got some other good news today: I have been asked to bring the message at church on Easter Sunday.  I got to do Christmas also, so that’s like the one-two punch for a preacher…God has great things waiting for me, I really believe He does!

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