5K-to-10K Week 1 Day 1

Workout:       5:00 warmup / 20:00 steady run / 5:00 cool down

Conditions:  65 degrees, windy; running trails @ the park

Stats:              3.02 miles @ 9:55/mile

Comments:  Yesterday is over, the laurels have been rested upon; time to get back to work. Today I started the Active.com 5k-to-10k plan, which promises to have me 10k-ready in nine weeks. The previous app did a pretty good job prepping me for 5k, so I will give this one a try – besides, that $0.99 was just laying around doing nothing else exciting!

The walking warm-ups and cool-downs are integrated into the overall time, which kind of throws off the splits on my Nike+ app (which I have running at the same time, gosh I love smartphone technology), but I want to track my total accumulated work, and the Active app doesn’t sync to anything else, and while I will gladly put in the work, I hate bookkeeping!

Today’s run felt pretty good. I tried to maintain a consistent “steady” pace by singing along with my music…if I can still sing, I have some breath to spare, right? But I pushed a little harder than I have in the past when doing training runs, and I hope to improve the pace with some effort – that 9:55 pace includes 10 minutes of walking, with no extra run time “cheated” into it, like I have done the last 2-3 weeks.

Next workout introduces tempo runs, which I had to look up: I think it means more than the steady pace, but less than all-out sprinting; I’ll try that and see what happens, let you know on Wednesday or Thursday! I also need to get serious about getting some kind of off-day training routine started; I want something I can do at home by myself (since I do not have a workout partner, gonna have to fix that too, I think) and – ideally – without buying any equipment (or at least nothing complicated or expensive). Any suggestions? I have never done yoga and know nothing; never done Crossfit or P90X and know nothing; have no free weights; have no gym membership; it doesn’t appear I have much hope either, does it? In the meantime, my foam roller is calling me, and then off to bed!

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