5K-to-10K Week 1 Day 2

Workout:       5:00 warmup / 10:00 steady / 3:00 tempo / 10:00 steady / 5:00 cool down

Conditions:  73 degrees; running trails @ the park

Stats:              3.01 miles @ 10:58/mile

Comments:  It was an off day from the beginning – I woke up with one of my episodic migraines, called in at work, and went back to sleep, didn’t get up until 9:30. I hate days like this, I never quite get the rhythm and stumble from one thing to the next.

My run sure reflected an off day. I was stiff and achy even after stretching, and then settled into a comfortable pace for the first interval. But man, I am going to have to figure this “tempo” thing out – I only made 2 minutes of the 3-minute interval, and I was so blown out I had to walk another 3 minutes before resuming a jogging pace…guess I went too fast, too soon.  I was grateful for the cool-down, something I have not “needed” for weeks…what a bummer. Still, I did the work, and that is the most important thing.

See, I wasn’t even sure I was going to run today, but then I thought about something my friend CD shared with us at the men’s prayer meeting last night. (A small group of us volunteer every other week at a halfway house, where we facilitate a prayer-and-share meeting.) He quoted Ephesians 4:26-27 – “Do not let the sun go down on your anger; give the devil no opportunity.” The idea is that we should acknowledge our feelings, and then deal with the issues right away, according to the standards we have been taught, which will allow us to continue making progress toward our goals. Letting things simmer, stuffing them down, only allows the bad stuff to grow roots, and siphon away energy we should be using for positive efforts. In the same way, allowing circumstances to dictate my responses…putting my feelings in charge of my actions…that way lies  failure, frustration, and fear.

The way I run should reflect the way I choose to live the rest of my life, because running is not a part of life – it IS life! (Oh my goodness – I said that, I wrote that, I meant that…I think I have crossed a point of no return as a runner, and as a person!)


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