5K-to-10K Week 2 Day 3

Workout:       5:00 warmup / 35:00 steady run / 5:00 cool down

Conditions:  72 degrees ; running the streets around the park

Stats:              4.64 miles @ 9:42/mile [ACTIVE] // 5.13 miles @ 9:47/mile [Nike+] (PR for distance and pace)

Comments:  Today was my weekly long steady run, 35 minutes on the schedule. I’ve been looking forward to this all week, enough that I fell asleep last night and woke up this morning thinking about running this evening! (Hello, my name is Nick, and I’m a running addict!) So when the time ran out on the trainer, and it told me to go into “cool-down” just as I was passing 4 miles, but I still felt “light on my feet”, I made the decision to press on – I wanted to make this my first five-mile run…AND I DID IT!!

Man, do I feel great! An hour later, a HUGE dinner, and I’m still on the jazz…I ♥ endorphins! We will see how it feels once I’ve had a nice hot shower, and a meeting with my foam roller, but I am just tickled with today! I only really stopped because I didn’t have any water with me, and because I want to be able to go to work tomorrow and still run again on Saturday (continuing my plan to eliminate the “extra” off day each week and cram this whole training in before the race in May). I have read enough to be aware of both the tendency and the danger of over-training as a new runner, and so I will be cautious…mostly.  🙂  I’m holding a fairly steady 9:00 mile (the paces listed above include two 5-minute walk intervals, warm-up and cool-down; the splits give me 9:15 today) which is awesome for less than three months’ training, but NOT sub-1 hour- 10K  – and that is the prize before my eyes now…pray for me!



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