5K-to-10K Week 3 Day 1

Workout:       5:00 warmup / 20:00 steady run / 5:00 cool down

Conditions:   72 degrees; running the streets around the park

Stats:            3.23 miles @ 8:34/mile (PR’s for pace and fastest mile @ 7:15)

Comments: So today I began a new week on the plan, another step forward in my quest to cram 9 full weeks of training into 8 calendar weeks. I have noticed one legitimate benefit: the two-day rest always seemed to throw me off when I was doing C25K, and a single rest day appears more than sufficient at this stage…there are lots of runners going every day, and eventually, I will be one of them!

It was only supposed to be a 20 minute “steady” run today, but once I got warmed up, I decided to see how it felt to run at something much closer to 5K pace. Because of the walking intervals in the Active plan, I have Nike+ calling out elapsed time and pace updates at each 1/4-mile, and I guesstimate how I’m doing by those numbers. (There’s probably a better app or gadget out there to do this, but I find a perverse pleasure in “work-arounds”.) So I set my target at 8:30 per mile, and determined to run the 5K distance – essentially a virtual 5k all by myself. Looking back I wish I had planned this from the start, I would not have included the warm-up in the total time and distance, (especially since – a turnabout from last time – the Active app lost the GPS signal, and so did not track my distance, it just kept elapsed time and played the music!) but we do things so we can learn to do them better the next time, right? All in all, it worked out pretty good – new PR’s for pace and 1-mile, and a renewed confidence that a 10K under an hour is something I can really achieve.

I need that confidence boost – next workout is tempo again.  I have been making some subtle adjustments to my stride length, foot strikes, and breathing rhythm, and I think I have a good idea of the direction I still need to go; so why not add the stress of a deliberate change in pace during a run? Why not, indeed? 🙂

As a side note, I will be participating in the April A-to-Z Challenge on my other blog…feel free to stop by and check out a post or two! (You do follow my other blog too, don’t you?) Things here will remain true to form during the challenge, have no fear!

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