5K-to-10K Week 3 Day 2

Workout:       5:00 warmup / 10:00 steady / 5:00 tempo / 10:00 steady / 5:00 cool down

Conditions:   63 degrees; running trails @ the park

Stats:             4.25 miles @ 8:14/mile [ACTIVE] 4.01 miles @ 6:49/mile [Nike+] (PR for pace, mile, 1K & 5K)

Comments: Wow! My entire goal for today’s workout was to not flame out on my tempo run, like I did 2 weeks ago…


and instead I went and blew away every speed mark I ever had! The really weird part is, I really thought I was holding myself back, trying to run “slower” on the steady, to be able to pick it up for the “tempo” and not crash. I DID speed up, and I DID slow back down, but then I recovered my wind pretty quick, so I turned today into a kind of fartlek – run fast until the song changed, slow down for a quarter mile, speed up again until the next cross street…no real rhyme or reason, just playing with it. The difference in distance between the apps is because I stopped Nike at the cool-down, to preserve the pace, and let Active keep running for the total time. 


I had to double check the map when I looked at the splits – just to make sure GPS hadn’t lost something, but it checks; today I  was running miles at 9:16 (including a 1/4-mile walk to warm up), 6:20, 6:12, and 5:09 (that last one included a quarter mile at a flat-out sprint, no way I could maintain it any real distance but a fun way to finish!) If this becomes the normal, I’m going to have a really good time at the race in May!

Next workout is my weekly long run. Last week I broke 5 miles; I’m thinking this week will be a 10K dry run – here we go!

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