5K-to-10K Week 3 Day 3

Workout:       Planned – 5:00 warmup / 40:00 steady run / 5:00 cool down; Actual – 5:00 warmup / 10K steady run / 5:00 cool down

Conditions:   70 degrees; running the streets around the park

Stats:            6.26 miles, 55:57, 8:56/mile [Nike+] (PR for distance and 10K time)

CommentsOnce again, I am taking advantage of being a beginner, where almost every time I go out I set new records for myself; what’s the harm in that? I know it cannot go on forever like this, but I am sure loving it while it lasts!!

Today the Active trainer had me scheduled for my weekly long run, and like last week, I decided to take them at their word, and then some – I wanted to see if I could actually DO the 10k, with no walking, and how I would feel at the end of it. I got my answer –



I did the 10K, with negative splits up to the last mile, and I beat 1:00:00, which has been my secret goal all along! And (best of all in my opinion) it didn’t kill me…yeah, my calves are a little tight, and me and the foam roller are gonna be love/hating here in a while; I really need to start carrying some water if I’m going to run longer than thirty minutes; I should probably invest a little research in some new places to run, since I am eventually gonna get bored going in circles and dodging traffic around my neighborhood – but these are not problems, or complaints, these are consequences of…wait for it… striding towards life!

Rest day tomorrow, and then another week: easy run, speed work, and long run. April will be very full, with my job picking up the pace (finally getting started on the new hotel in downtown, been waiting almost four months to get this project moving forward), and participating in the A-to-Z Challenge on my other blog (but remaining faithful here as well – let’s see if I can do it!) With all that, running will be a welcome escape from the world – just me, my music, and my footsteps…I can’t wait!

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