5K-to-10K Week 4 Day 1

Workout:       5:00 warmup / 20:00 steady run / 5:00 cool down

Conditions:   75 degrees; running through the park

Stats:            2.21 miles @ 9:23/mile

Comments: As I commented on dailymile, I definitely could tell that I ran 10K just two days ago, and doing that was a stretch. I took my time warming up, enjoying that delicious tension (OK, I’m strange, because I like it when it hurts a little…am I the only one?) and held myself to a reasonable steady pace, and it was a good, restful run. I had some company today, too, which was fun: my younger daughter wanted to hang out and do a little walking around the park while I ran – considering she just had a baby a week ago, I thought that was a pretty good thing for her to do! I might be able to convince her to come again…we shall see 🙂

So I am nearing the halfway point of my training plan, and I’m really settling in to the groove. My wife made a comment yesterday that she was pleasantly surprised that I was sticking with running; let’s just say that I have a history of getting really involved in new hobbies, and then not just tapering off, but dropping them altogether… often after I have made significant investments (I once developed a intense fascination with medieval armor and weapons, and even built my own smithy, complete with forge and anvil; then sold the whole rig without ever making anything!) But this is different – running is not “just a hobby”; this is me reclaiming a passion from another time in my life, and being thrilled that it is as satisfying now as it ever was then…maybe even more so, as I have the maturity to appreciate it!

The Wife also poked at me for talking about needing to buy more gear: “clotheshorse” is the word she used, I believe. The verdict: guilty as charged! I have a list: technical tanks and tees (I own two now, both long sleeve compression, which are going to be way too hot in a couple of weeks); running shorts (mine are knee-length basketball shorts, again way too hot and heavy); of course more shoes (it would be neat to go to a real running store and talk to somebody – the people at Academy generally don’t know anything; I did my research online and I think I guessed pretty good with my Saucony Ride 4’s, but who can run with only one pair of shoes?). There is other stuff, like a SPIBelt or a FlipBelt (I’m using an armband to carry my phone, but it’s so awkward for anything else), and I have been looking hard at hand-held hydration options – I live in a city where temps and humidity in the 90’s are normal six months of the year, and anything over thirty minutes leaves me feeling parched. I justify the expense of all this stuff (and the entry fees of all the races I can manage to cram into my schedule) by deducting them from the “savings” of not spending $75 a week on cigarettes (just writing that, knowing I did that for years, gives me a cold shudder; praise God that I am freed from that tyranny!) but I think I would spend it anyway – running is the only thing I have that is all mine, all about me…the rest of my life is about serving others, which is not a bad thing; but I have finally found something non-destructive to balance it out, and I’m keeping it!

As a side note, I will be participating in the April A-to-Z Challenge on my other blog…feel free to stop by and check out a post or two! (You do follow my other blog too, don’t you?) Things here will remain true to form during the challenge, have no fear!

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