5K-to-10K Week 4 Day 3

Workout:       Planned – 5:00 warmup / 45:00 steady run / 5:00 cool down; Actual – 5:00 warmup / 10K run / 5:00 cool down

Conditions:   58 degrees, misting rain; running the streets around the park

Stats:            6.24 miles, 53:22, 8:33/mile [Nike+] (PR for 10K @ 53:06)

Comments: From Dictionary.com

discipline (noun) – activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill;

When I was a kid, I thought that running was a hobby, or a pastime for people who didn’t want to work very hard; when I started running I realized how ill-informed my opinions had been. To every runner I ever scoffed at: mea maxima culpa!

Of all the many things I have learned about myself since I became a runner, perhaps the most striking revelation has been the inner turmoil running has brought me – the conflict that arises when I’m dragging ass from a long hard day, but the spirit yearns for the road, the rhythm, the focus on one foot in front of the other; when “I don’t wanna run, I’m too tired” clashes with “How can you think about not running?”

Case in point: today’s workout. We had a storm system blow in yesterday, thunder, lightning, hail rain, wind…all very apocalyptic, and making for less-than-optimal running conditions. Work today entailed moving several hundred feet of steel pipe from off the truck, into the construction hoist, and then out onto various floors in the building we are remodeling (I am a commercial construction worker, my current project is turning a 100-year old office building into the new J.W. Marriott Hotel in downtown Houston. I left work at lunchtime to visit my oral surgeon, to finalize my treatment plan – I am about to have what are left of my teeth extracted and get complete dentures, and have a whole mouth for the first time in over twenty years. So it would be totally understandable if I decided to skip today’s long run, take an extra rest day, and just veg out at the keyboard (did I mention I’m doing a blog challenge on my other site, and need to complete a post by bedtime to stay on schedule?) So what did I do? I came home from work, drank one cup of coffee, ate a slice of bread with peanut butter (skipped lunch to see the doctor)…and then laced up the Saucony’s and out the door! I could not bring myself to deviate from the plan, because there was no compelling reason to. I’m not injured, it’s not actually raining, and I can write after I run, just like I’m doing right now! Three months of consistent training, some clear goals in mind, a habit of performance…discipline has become the norm – and it pays off, with PR’s and feeling great!

Rest day tomorrow, and recovery week: easy run, speed work, and long run, but all much less than last week. Right now, I’m tired, I’m a little sore, and I have a lot of writing to grind out – but I would not trade any of it for anything…because I am a runner!

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