Be careful what you ask for…

In my last post I listed some goals, because I think it’s good to stop and look around every now and then, figure out where you are, where you are going, and where you want to go, and make any necessary adjustments. There is a problem, though: it’s easy to make lists, putting things into practice is another thing entirely! It’s like the old joke about three frogs who were sitting on the log, and one makes a decision to jump off; how many frogs are left sitting there? All three, because making a decision is not the same as taking action!

So there I was, minding my own business, reading emails after getting home from work…it’s an off day from training; I’ve got some blog posts to write, but not yet; just unwinding from the day. I see an announcement that Active Advantage has a blog now, to promote deals, discounts, etc. (Disclosure: I am an Active Advantage member, however this is a non-sponsored posting;  I am receiving nothing for mentioning this program.) I click over, and randomly decide to check out the “Events” tab, and I see a chance to win a free race entry in my state, and I click that, and it says, “Congratulations, you have won!” and before you know it…

SPI half

Did I do that? Yes, I did!

So all of a sudden, I have a new mission, and a new sense of clarity (and a Memorial Day weekend vacation on South Padre with my wife to plan…yippee!) I’m going to bypass the qualifier race I was looking at, but still do the original 10K I am registered for. But training has taken a radical shift! I don’t think I can do qualifying time in my first half marathon – I’m not that nuts – but do I think I can train up to that distance in just 6 weeks? Yeah, I do – I guess I am that nuts! Therefore, this weekend I will be dropping the 5K-to-10K plan, and building a new regimen; I will visit a real running store this week, and be sure I have the right shoes; and I might even stop giggling at some point in the next week, but don’t count on it!


One comment

  1. Amanda

    I just planned two weeks holidays around a race- Big Sur. I think doing something I love on vacation makes the time off work even better. Plus, as an added bonus, the recovery time from the marathon won’t be as embarrassing!! Good luck with your race!! Happy training!!

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