SPI Do-or-Die: A Prelude to a Plan

  • Today’s goal:  3 miles steady run to determine current average pace
  • Today’s result:  3.0 miles, 27:33, 9:09 min/ mile
  • Observations: Longer warm-up routine helps tremendously. 🙂  Eating all day before running does not. 😦

As I posted yesterday, my goals have undergone a sea change, nearly overnight. I have just under seven weeks to train up from 10K to half-marathon…if that seems impossible, keep in mind, I laced up running shoes for the first time a mere 14 weeks ago, and I’m running sub-1 hour 10k’s already. Some would say I’m moving too fast, setting myself up for disappointment or injury; I cannot say this is not true, but I prefer to believe that I am currently seeking out my true ability level, that I have not found the plateau yet…so I stretch!

I have done a little research, and while the vast majority of half-marathon plans run 10 weeks to 6 months(!), there are a few ambitious souls who have condensed it down to 6 weeks. I am going to spend this week setting some baselines, to see where I am, and then create my own custom training plan, by blending together elements from several sources. I am not currently cross-training, or doing yoga, but both of these will be added to the mix very soon, possibly within the week. As a bonus, The Wife has expressed great interest in joining me for yoga, so I will have a workout partner! I am extremely blessed and grateful that she is so supportive; I am going from 3 workouts a week to 5, and that time has to come from somewhere – so if she joins me for some of it (she has zero interest in running) then we may end up spending more time together and being more healthy…I call that a win-win!

I will be posting my workout plan once I get the bugs out of it; maybe even before, to get some feedback from you, my running family – are you with me?

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