SPI – Prelude Part 2: Hills! I repeat: hills!

Please join with me in praying for the victims and their families in Boston today. I see these acts as inevitable consequences of a world fallen into sin and despair. This makes them no less tragic; rather, it informs my prayers that God would perhaps hasten His return, and deliver us all from evil. I do not question His will, I weep at our willfulness…and call upon Him to sustain us until He comes again.

  • Today’s goal: Find out how many times I could run up and down the closest hill to my house without hurting myself
  • Today’s result: Five repeats (over and back non-stop), 1 minute recovery each interval; 7.5 K total distance (including warm up and cool down)
  • Observations: Counting paces is one way to make it to the top when getting tired; running down slower than up is good discipline

OK, so not real hills, but North Houston’s next best thing…overpasses! Lest ye scoff, allow me to point out that these are exceptionally high crossovers; they traverse the Union Pacific railroad right of way, so from ground level that’s about a 4-story (12 meter) rise, in 275 meters to the crest, with almost no flat on top; works out to about 4% grade, coming and going…plenty steep for me!

Today tried very hard NOT to be a workout day. There were any number of distractions (unexpected delays leaving work; unplanned chores for my dad, including computer issues; a phone going flatline, leaving me with no GPS or playlists; encroaching darkness) which in any other circumstance would be enough to derail any plans I had made for the evening; but something different is going on here – I just made up my mind to run, no matter what…and then I did it. I dealt with all the issues at Dad’s, with good grace (and reminded myself that I am blessed to still have him; I will miss him when he’s gone). I decided that I could run without an app yelling at me; that I would not get lost without GPS in my own neighborhood; and today’s goals were not time-dependent. Today I was a free runner – and it felt grand! Yes, I got on Google Maps when I got home, to measure the distance because I had to know, but in the moment it did not matter. I have entered a new dimension,  I know not where it leads, but I am intrigued, and I will keep going!


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