SPI Prelude Pt 3, and something else…

The planning phase continues, as I try out different routines to incorporate into my workout schedule; should have the whole plan finalized by this weekend. I also made some time to think about and support a worthy cause…

  • Today’s goals: Run a 5K as part of the Running Bloggers’ Virtual Race; secondary to that, speed work – 2 miles steady; then 2x (1/4 mile fast, 1/4 mile steady);  1/4 mile cool down
  • Today’s results: A lot slower than my usual pace overall, because I’m fighting some nagging GI issues (sorry if that’s TMI); a quarter mile is a long way to sprint – I think shorter intervals but more repeats is a better way to go.
  • Observations: Running into the wind when it’s raining makes me wonder why I’m doing this; the other men and women running on the track in the rain with me let me know it’s OK to wonder, as long as I keep running!

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention before, but it seems like suddenly my neighborhood is filled with people running – all ages, all shapes and sizes, all levels of ability. I especially enjoy the smiles, the camaraderie; and it’s not just the runners…all this week, every time I’m out, cars honk, people wave and cheer; running has become a celebration of life for everyone, how awesome is that! It’s like I read somewhere online: if they were trying to attack the human spirit, runners were the wrong people to start with!!

Speaking of awesome, please follow that link above, and join the Running Bloggers community in support off a good cause. Caroline has done a fabulous job organizing this event, including rounding up a staggering number of totally cool prizes from sponsors. I am entering all three running events, as I don’t swim or bike (yet, he says…never rule anything out for the future!), won’t you join me?

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