SPI Week 1 Day 4

  • Today’s goal: Run 4 miles at a steady pace (preferably 9:00/mi or less)
  • Today’s results: 4.01 miles @ 8:59/mi avg (9:16 / 8:50 / 8:48 / 8:59) – Success!
  • Observations: Four days has become a very long time without a run!

Just realized how long it’s been since I posted – about as long as it has since I did any running, in fact! The days have just breezed by, like the wind in my hair as I got back to business this afternoon…and it felt so good!!

I don’t want to give the impression that I have been laying about in idleness – far from it! Karen and I went to the Y for our first yoga class on Monday; we wanted to make the 4:15 class, but that is cutting it way too close with my current work schedule – I sort of think that getting all stressed out trying to hurry through traffic on the way to yoga defeats the purpose, don’t you? – so 7:00 will be “our time” from now on. (Of course, this means I need to move my hill repeats earlier in the afternoon; since I normally go run about 6:00, but we were leaving at 6, I skipped that part of my workout this week.) We had no idea what to expect, having no previous experience at all; I think she wanted to be pushed a bit more, while I was a little surprised at how comfortable I felt. This is a beginner-level holistic class: basic poses, nothing too challenging, but enough to let me know I have lots to improve! The instructor was very nice, and said she has many runners in her classes, so I must be in the right place!

I resisted the urge to break a rest day and do something…discipline means doing what is necessary, not what is convenient or appealing, right? If I allow myself to ignore the plan on a whim (a different thing than adjusting to real situations), then what is the point of having a plan at all? So I steeled myself, and sat still on Tuesday; I’m sure next week that day off will be welcome!

My published plan has CrossFit on tap for tomorrow, but I may make a modification here: since I am currently doing nothing, any change will be effective for a while…and CF is an “extra cost” class, while BodyPump and BodyAttack are included; I just need to try them both and see which I prefer.  I’ll be reporting back later this week, to let you know what I decide – I’m sure that all ten people who read this regularly are gonna be holding their breath in anticipation!!

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