SPI Week 1 Day 6

  • Today’s Goal: Run about 5K of interval ladders – 10:00 warm-up at easy pace; alternating sprints/ active recovery for 0:30, 1:00, 2:00, 1:00, 0:30; 10:00 cool-down @ steady pace
  • Today’s results: 2.66 mi @ 10:44 avg (28 minutes elapsed)
  • Observations: My first time using a HIIT timer app – I like it, easy to program, easy to use…but also easy to pick the wrong workout off the list by not paying attention!

This first week has been a little wonky…working out the bugs in a new plan is guaranteed to test both your patience and your resolve! I have had schedule fails and conflicts; I am having second thoughts about choices made with insufficient information; and I’ve seen some glaring holes in my knowledge base that I need to address; all in the span of five days! No sense wasting time – if I make enough mistakes up front, the back end will be smooth sailing! (said no one ever…but I can be an innovator, I ain’t skeered!)

I am so pumped about tomorrow – my long run this week, 8 miles…which will also be my longest run to date! (Still giggly about PR’s, like I never can be again…everything is a PR for a newbie runner, I am blessed!) I’ll be posting about that run, and the revisions going forward on the Plan™, sometime over the weekend, see you then!

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