SPI Do-or-Die: Single Digits!

Wow, has it really been that long since I posted an update? I hope nobody thinks I dropped off the planet, or bailed the race…it’s just that sometimes there’s a little bit more life than there is time to deal, y’know what I mean? Plus, some other issues have been involved, as well. Let’s see if we can get up to date…

So the counter over there —> shows 9 days until the South Padre Half Marathon. I am SO AMPED about this race…I can barely talk about anything else! (Which of course is really starting to annoy everyone; I’m sorry, but how many really new things do any of us allow into our lives anymore? How can I not be excited?!?) It has been a non-stop adventure, training for this…new distances, new places, new workouts, new friends – whew! I have done my first run in double digits (a ten-miler last weekend, with 12 miles on the schedule for this Sunday); I ran at Memorial Park for the first time this week; I ran real trails for the first time; ran with a group – another first; joined a running club (the Houston Striders, one of the largest running clubs in Houston)…the list just seems to go on and on!

One new thing that is actually important is that I have begun talking to the folks over at Team Living Water. They are one ministry of Living Water International, the Christian group who brings fresh drinking water and the message of the grace of Jesus to undeveloped areas all over the world. True statistics:

  • In 2012, US consumption of bottled water (not tap) reached 167 bottles per capita, or 2.6 billion cases.
  • That same year, across the world 1 person in 9, or more than 700 million people, had no access to clean, safe drinking water.
  • Over the last 20 years, Living Water International has helped bring clean water to over 2 billion people.

To increase awareness, Team Living Water sponsors and supports teams of endurance athletes in a variety of sports and events. Their motto, “We endure so they don’t have to,” speaks volumes to me personally about the duty and privilege of all who follow Jesus. I want the things that I do to matter more than just for me, and so I have been talking with the local TLW coordinator about a way to do that – and I want to offer you the same opportunity. My plan, in two parts:

  • Sign up to run the 2014 Chevron Houston Marathon as a part of Team Living Water. (I want to run this race anyway, but if I can assist their effort, why not?)
  • Organize a new event here in Houston, to bring together several different group – mud runners, bloggers, marathoners, local folks – anyone I can – to form a team and Run the Jailbreak 5k obstacle/mud run this October. I plan to promote this as a Running Blogger Meet-up (thanks so much, Caroline, for your advice and encouragement!) and/or Charity Race (assuming I can get some sponsors to donate spiffy prizes for participants, and work out the details for taking pledges/donations). There is a lot of work to do, and I may or may not pull it off; but doing something larger than myself feels so right!

I would love to hear in the comments whether any of you have ever run with Team LWI, or a similar group, and if you would be at all interested in traveling to Houston if I can get this going. How could we make this great for everyone?

Stay tuned to this blog, or my Twitter feed, and I will post updates as they develop. I really think this will come together, and I have already had some positive responses from friends…both local and among my blogging community (I love you guys!)…that encourages me so much! I promise to post more updates about the lead-up to SPI, as well; I didn’t bring you all this far to drop off now! 🙂

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, be safe, run well, rest and hydrate – it’s getting hot out there!


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