Houston Marathon Training update (through a mouthful of blood)

And a giveaway on the way!…but you have to read to the end!

OK, maybe that title is a bit extreme, but after the week I’ve had, a little extreme may be just what the situation calls for! My last post came mid-week, but I chose to defer reporting these happenings until this week…both to make sure I got this post done on time and to keep continuity in the story! Hollywood might be able to tell a story out-of-sequence and make it work, but this ain’t Hollywood, so let me bring everyone up to date:

Sunday: Long run – 65-75 min @ 9:18/mi, 7.5 mi // 82 min @ 10:45/min, 7.6 mi  Like I said, slow…

Monday: Rest day – My favorite day! Been doing stretching/core/foam rolling for active recovery, seems to help!

Tuesday: TM paces – 1 mi easy run warm up, then 6 sets of [ 0.5 mi @ 7:37/mi, 2:00 recovery], then 1mi easy run cool down  First time to do this many sets; makes you realize how short two minutes can be!

Wednesday: Cross training – zero I am very used to listening to my body, so when it wants an “extra” rest day, it gets it!

Thursday: Cross training – two hours “strength and agility drills”  Moving A/C units by hand from pallet to cart to ramp to elevator to ramp to floor to room, 28 units spread across three floors – and yes, sometimes I count my job as training!

Friday: Maintenance – 30-35 min @ 9:18/mi, 3.5 mi // Rest day, no running I had three hours of oral surgery, with five teeth and two tori removed – and pain meds, oh my!

Saturday: Cross training // 30 minute stretching and foam rolling I slept a good part of the day (see pain meds above) but by the evening, I needed a good stretch-and-roll!

Sunday: Long run – 45-55 min @ 9:18/mi, 5.5 mi // 57 min @ 10:18/mi, 5.5 mi Run was much easier than anticipated, felt really good – until I noticed my mouth filling up with the taste of blood! Maybe next time I’ll wait more than 36 hours after surgery to run (or not, just keep rinsing!)

I tried out a new (to me, anyway) running/fitness product for this long run, and I must say, I was very impressed and highly pleased with the results! I have one more “test” to perform, and then I will have the pleasure of sharing with you my first product review – and my first giveaway! I have also firmed up my race schedule for the fall/winter – registered for a neat little 5K (running with the Houston Texans, how could I pass that up?), and getting real with myself about “traveling races” versus “local races”. (I’ll try to keep the countdown boxes accurate, but I only list races I am confirmed for; the “hopefuls” would fill page after page!)

See you later!


  1. LilMysNinja

    Ouch! I’ve not had to do oral surgery before but just reading about it makes me hurt! Hope you’re feeling better and great job at recapping! 🙂 can’t wait to hear the product review and of course, the giveaway 😉

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