CHM Training update – Week 22 recap and look-ahead

Hello, everyone, and welcome back! It’s been a very busy week, between recovering from surgery, keeping the job running, and trying to actually write for my blog (gasp – he remembers he’s a blogger!) The Chevron Houston Marathon (CHM, get it?) is T-22 weeks and counting, and the workouts are going to really start ramping up soon, but in the meantime I am expanding my “base” – never a bad thing! Let’s start with a recap of the week’s workout: (some of this is an overlap to my ENERGYbits review post – have you entered the giveaway? Time is running out!)

Sunday: Long run – 45-55 min @ 9:18/mi, 5.5 mi // 57 min @ 10:18/min, 5.5 mi  This is the long run I did 36 hours after oral surgery…my wife calls it further evidence of my mental instability, and pats me on the head.

Monday: Rest day – Went back to work today, the heat got to me by lunchtime. Went home and slept until dark, then got up and did my internet stuff until normal bedtime.

Tuesday: TM paces – 1 mi easy run warm up, then 2 sets of [ 0.75 mi @ 7:54/mi, 1:00 recovery], then 1mi easy run cool down  Before I injured my Achilles, I was running up to 3 miles at this pace. Can’t believe how long it is taking to build back…

Wednesday: Cross training – 2 hrs “strength and agility drills” Another day of moving materials on the jobsite – how lucky am I to get PAID for training!

Thursday: Cross training – 2 hrs “strength and agility drills”  OK, even luck can get tiresome after a while – twice in one week is unusual; I would rather be at the gym!

Friday: Maintenance – 30-35 min @ 9:18/mi, 3.5 mi // Rest day, no running  No surgery, this time…but I stayed home from work, because the last couple of days really took it out of me; remember I cannot eat solid food so I am certain I am running below my normal calorie intake!

Saturday: Cross training // Maintenance run – 3.3 miles @ 9:37/mi, 31:54 After three days with no running, I felt so rusty, I just had to get out on the road! Besides, this sets up tomorrow’s long run as a “workout with mild fatigue” – I believe that running on tired legs now and then is good for me, both physically and mentally.

Also on Saturday, my student dentist -did I mention I am having all my dental work done at a school? The discount is incredible (I saved 90%) and the work is supervised and checked carefully – it’s like getting the services of 4 or 5 doctors at once – my student called me on Saturday and asked if we could advance my treatment plan: instead of coming in on Monday afternoon for a follow-up, could I come in Monday morning, and finish off the extractions? You bet I jumped on that, I want this work finished and out of the way before I get into the guts of marathon training!

Next’s week’s recap will cover the gory (literally) details of that ordeal, along with how I am adjusting my training to give myself time to heal and recover properly…I have not come this far to get sidelined by being in a needless hurry! And be sure to check back on Thursday, when I announce the winner of my first ever GIVEAWAY, thanks to my good friends at ENERGYbits.

What is the countdown to your “goal race”? How’s your training going? Ever had a major issue interrupt your plan, and how did you adjust? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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