CHM Training update: T-21; or, As the swelling fades…

Another week has passed by: the calendar page has turned (remember when calendars HAD pages?); training plans are in full bloom; the fall race schedule has been nailed down; I have a new Page…see up there at the top?…that lists everything I have done/am doing, at least up to CHM; I have my eye on three new (to me) races in 2014 already, but that can wait!

As I said last week, I have begun the process of getting complete dentures – the second surgery inserted itself into my week with short notice – but I think I adapted well! Let’s go through the week, and you can decide for yourself!

Sunday: Long run – 55-65 min @ 9:18/mi, 6.5 mi // 81 min @ 10:42/min, 7.5 mi  I knew I wouldn’t get another chance to run for a few days, so I stretched this one out – and it felt great!

Monday: Rest day – Returned to the dentist, had eight teeth extracted, 2 1/2 hours in the chair; the Attending told me I had “worst case” for extractions – weak, brittle teeth, but firmly set in healthy bone – so everything broke off and came out in pieces. So glad that is over!!!

Tuesday: TM Paces // Rest day  Not even trying to get out of bed…and the swelling peaked: I look like a walrus!

Wednesday: Cross training //  Stretching and foam rolling  “Did you say the swelling peaked? Silly boy, HERE is some swelling! Back to bed!!” But in the evening, I got rid of some of the stiffness and cobwebs…a little myofascial release goes a long way!

Thursday: Maintenance – 15-20 min @ 9:18/mi, 2 mi //  19:21@9:35/mi, 2 mi  SOO GOOOD to get back on my feet…my body was feeling SO lethargic, and I just really needed to stir it up! The swelling is beginning to recede, and I feel a lot better…just hungry!

Friday: Maintenance – 15-20 min @ 9:18/mi, 2 mi //  18:28@9:09/mi, 2 mi  Wanted to push myself a little harder than I have lately, just to see if I could – pretty happy with it, too!

Saturday: Cross training // Rest day I spent a great deal of the day catching up on stuff around the house, mixed with short, sweet periods of nothing!  I figured that if I had to take an involuntary week-long vacation, it would be a shame to go back to work all exhausted! I know it’s Labor Day Weekend, but my life does nit always consult a calendar!

Totals for this week: 3 runs, 11.5 miles (out of 15)

Totals for August: 12 runs, 52 miles

So, I really did not miss out too much – a little cross-training, and one pace workout; I have always been a fairly quick healer! But; as I said, all of that is behind me…my next step is eight weeks of healing, and then I get fitted for dentures. I am totally OK with full dentures at age 45; pride is a poor substitute for many things, but it especially sucks as a stand-in for eating solid food. That is my current challenge to overcome: figuring out ways to get adequate nutrition, while limited to a liquid/soft foods diet. It gets complicated, because I get food-bored pretty easy!

So have you ever had diet-related issues interfere with your training? How did you adapt, and what did you try that failed? I’d love to hear from you in the comments…share your experience with others!

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