CHM Training update: T-20 weeks – Swamping our way along

Fall is just around the (calendar) corner; I see this posted all over the running blog world. The vast majority of those I follow live, run, and race in the northeast, or Canada, and so they are seeing the beginnings of reasonable running weather. I, and the rest of us here in the South or Southwest, are still seeing temps in the 90’s or higher, with humidity to match in many cases. (I love living on the Gulf Coast – where else can you be under a severe drought advisory and a tropical storm warning at the same time?) BUT –


So, that being said, let’s look back at what actually got done!

Sunday 9-1: Long run – 55-65 min @ 9:18/mi, 6.5 mi // 90 min @ 11:16/min, 8.0 mi  I looked at the wrong day on the training calendar, and ran “too far”; still not 100% recovered yet, so went for distance with no real regard for pace.

Monday 9-2: Rest day – Happy Labor Day! Spent the day doing small, harmless tasks around the house, which was just an excuse to hang out with Karen all day!

Tuesday 9-3: TM Paces – 1 mi. easy run w/u; 2 sets of [0.75 mi @ 7:54/mi, 1:00 easy run recovery]; 1 mi. easy run c/d; 3.5 mi total //  I used these miles, plus an extra 1.5 mi on the cool-down, as my September entry in the Fall 5- or 10-mile Virtual Race Series, hosted by Laura at

Wednesday 9-4: Cross training //  Stretching and foam rolling  I have got to get serious about this. I want a simple, basic 2x a week strength-and-core plan, and I need to learn how to use an elliptical – there, I said it: I am such a fitness noob!

Thursday 9-5: Maintenance – 15-20 min @ 9:18/mi, 2 mi //  20:04@9:42/mi, 2 mi  The humidity was absolutely ridiculous today; it rained maybe 30 minutes before I ran, and that turned DIRECTLY to steam – UGH!


Friday 9-6: Maintenance – 15-20 min @ 9:18/mi, 2 mi //  Rest  Trying not to over-share, let me say only that I was having some “issues” this day that kept running completely off the table!

Saturday 9-7: Cross training // Stretch and foam-roll As the previous day had run me through the wringer, I needed a good loosening up!

Totals for this week: 3 runs, 15.1 miles (out of 15)

Totals for September (to date): 3 runs, 15.1 miles

My gums are healing well, which means my range of edibles has expanded – yay! I have been having the hardest time making myself eat, because I am getting so bored, but it’s starting to settle in that if I don’t eat, I can’t perform. I did some looking around online (and some tedious math), and figured out that I have been shorting myself several hundred calories per day – no wonder my legs get so heavy after about 30 minutes! So now I really get it that I am training myself to run, AND to eat, AND to rest, AND to recover, AND…wow, that list pretty well proves that running is much more than a hobby – it is a way of life!

What lessons about other-than-running have you learned in the process of training for a goal race? Was it easier or harder to work on “lifestyle” issues than simple “running” issues? I would love to hear your stories in the comments!


  1. Nicole Marie

    You are becoming one bad ass runner!!! Kudos to you for sticking with a schedule. This is something I need to work on! I’m currently giving Insanity another go, and plan on training for a late March marathon. So exciting! You have some awesome looking runs coming up!

    • Nick

      Thanks for the compliments! I don’t know about “badass”, but I do have a hard-headed streak that serves me well in running 🙂
      What marathon are you looking at in March? I have conditional plans for either a half in February, or a full on March 1st – that’s my birthday! – unless I stay hardcore and do both; depends on how the six races in four months I have on tap goes. Keep you updated!

      • Nicole Marie

        Awesome! I look forward to reading about it all. 🙂 I’m signing up for the Cape May County Marathon, March 30th! Another nice, flat course like the first I did this past May.

    • Nick

      I can’t honestly say I run “well” ANYWHERE (lol) but humidity does make it difficult! I sure want to believe that 10 minute miles in the summer are the same as 8 minute miles in the winter – can I make a wish?

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