CHM Training update: T-19 weeks – We have met the enemy, and he’s not all that…

Another week gone by, and the running world is coming alive with the Fall schedules – races, training reports, all the excitement surrounding Boston 2014…whew! Sometimes I feel the tiniest bit disconnected, because my race is so far down the line, I am not training with anywhere near the intensity I see in so many other posts. THIS IS ACTUALLY A MIND TRAP – no one else is running the same race I am, in the same condition I am, so why should we be training the same way? I am traveling into unknown territory, training for my first full marathon, and that brings Fear, of course, the enemy I spoke of in the title. Fear would rather hide and worry, than step out and try new things; Fear wants us to settle for less, because that’s really the best we can do, isn’t it? Fear shows us how awesome everyone else is, and makes us ashamed of not being  already awesome too. Fortunately, by this point, I have at least learned to recognize the sound and shape of Fear, and to know that often it can be overcome by simply moving forward; choosing to at least TRY, because the only true failure occurs when we are too afraid to fail. This is true in any endeavor, but for me, running sums it up best in this simple statement:


Fear must not be obeyed, but it can be employed, to remind us to make better informed choices. Now, let’s see how I chose this week:

Sunday 9-8: Long run – 65-75 min @ 9:18/mi, 7.5 mi // 83:22 min @ 11:06/min, 7.5 mi  Missed waking up on time to run early, so I had to do this one at sunset, which had me home well after full dark – not the best thing in these neighborhoods. The run itself was un-remarkable, save for stifling heat and humidity…Fall, where are you?


Not here in Houston, of course, but somewhere!

Monday 9-9: Rest day – If it weren’t for “rest days”, I might never get all the chores around the house done. But it serves as a kind of “active recovery”; that’s my story anyway!

Tuesday 9-10: TM Paces – 1 mi. easy run w/u; 2 sets of [0.75 mi @ 7:54/mi, 1:00 easy run recovery]; 1 mi. easy run c/d; 3.5 mi total //  Pretty soon these intervals and paces are gonna increase – hope I stay true to these drills!

Wednesday 9-11: Cross training //  Stretching and foam rolling  Nothing has changed, but I have a lot of “life” going on right now as well, so if something has to give, this can be it for right now. I am completely convinced that cross training will make or break me on the longer distances.

Thursday 9-12: Maintenance – 25-30 min @ 9:18/mi, 3 mi //  zero  Still having recurring issues with (sorry, no nice way to say it) hemorrhoids, of all things – very hard to run when my insides are trying to come out, the HARD way  😦 I had a bad day, and just needed to be off my feet for the evening.


Friday 9-13: TM Threshold – 1 mi. easy run w/u; 2 sets of [1 mi @ 8:16/mi, 1:00 recovery]; 1 mi. easy run c/d; 3.5 mi total //  In the beginning, this is not much different than a “pace” workout…but I looked ahead, and they get VERY different down the line.

Saturday 9-14: Cross training // Stretch and foam-roll See above.

Totals for this week: 3 runs (out of 4), 14.2 miles (out of 17), no real cross-training

Totals for September (to date): 6 runs, 29.3 miles

I am getting closer to achieving adequate calorie intake during the day. It’s complicated by the lack of refrigeration at the jobsite, the scarcity of affordable food choices in the area (it’s not like I can eat at My Fit Foods every day, that would cost more than my gas and parking combined!), AND my current lack of dentition. But, through a still-evolving mix of home-prepared snacks, supplement drinks, and a kindly store owner who gives me bananas and coffee free all day  🙂  I get by…it isn’t the 3000 calories a day I am being recommended to consume, but it’s better than the 1200 or so I was averaging.

Anyone else struggle with low body weight issues? What resources would you suggest for an athlete who needs to GAIN weight safely during a training regimen, and isn’t worried about taking it back off again – in fact would LOVE to keep some weight on? Please answer in the comments, I’m really curious, since no one ever talks about this.


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