Running + Blogging = Making the Internet a healthier place!

A few days ago I reblogged a post from the fine folks behind the scenes at WordPress, talking about Automattic’s World Wide WP 5K. This event originated as an internal promotion, but this year they are taking it to a whole ‘nother level: beyond the (virtual) walls of their offices, into the wider realm of the Internet as a whole, with the goal of encouraging as many people as possible to get out and exercise as one! Well, of course I jumped at the opportunity (you know how much I love virtual races, and especially FREE stuff).  Today’s run on my training schedule was 3 miles, so it seemed only natural to submit it as my contribution, to put my feet where my mouth was, so to speak 🙂  (How often is THAT the goal?) I was supposed to take pictures, too, but I lost the daylight by the time I got home, so I will make an exception to my usual habit and post the map of my run instead:


The official “Run” takes place on Sunday Sept. 29, but we were given the whole week to get our run/walk/bike/swim/samba/whatever done and submitted, so there are still a few days left; why not add your 3.1 miles to the collective? It’s not like you weren’t going to run anyway, right?



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