CHM Training update: T-17 weeks – Bad news and good news

The bad news…

Here we are, another week older and closer to dead (OK that’s morbid, but every now and then you gotta let your inner Pink Floyd out! What’s that, you say? You don’t have an inner Pink Floyd? Oh, it’s just me, then…sorry. I hope you enjoy the music anyway!) It’s really was a pretty good week, even if it didn’t go EXACTLY how I wanted – but how often does that happen? So there was an incident at work and, long story short, I am “on unpaid leave” for 30 days, which left me a LOT of time – and opportunity to worry –  on my hands. I have since found some temp work to fill the void (and the wallet – praise the Lord!) but it was a hard, anxious few days. Training happened, in any event, so let’s take a look!

Sunday 9-22: Race – Running of the Bulls 5K That link goes to the recap I posted last week; quick take: new PR of 26:08!

Monday 9-23: Rest day – Spent some time making decisions/changes/choices for a period of reduced income – hard choices, too: scratched 2 potential races from my Fall schedule – OUCH! More on that below.

Tuesday 9-24: Maintenance – 25-30 min @ 9:18/mi, 3 mi //  28:30 @ 10:04, 2.8 mi  Post-race weeks in my training plan are very basic, low mileage to allow recovery. Got out and ran my neighborhood, but the humidity was HORRIBLE! Just got it done, nothing special.

Wednesday 9-25: Cross training  //  Stretching and foam rolling  More of the same. I have a lot on my plate, so guess what gets put off? A REAL cross-training plan. This will get better, but maybe not until some other shoes finish dropping.

rainingIf only they were running shoes!

Thursday 9-26: Maintenance – 25-30 min @ 9:18/mi, 3 mi //  29:18 @ 9:25/mi, 3.1 mi  We’re getting closer to the end of Daylight Savings Time, so these out-and-back runs have me coming home in the dark. Pro: it’s much cooler! Con: Oncoming traffic and dogs can sneak up much easier. I may end up doing a lot more of these short runs on the TM, trading fresh air for safety – runners adapt as we must!

Friday 9-27: Maintenance – 15-20 min @ 9:18/mi, 2 mi  //  19:13 @ 9:34/mi, 2 mi Quick run, nearly undone by another loose stray dog – I find myself imagining a water gun filled with ammonia, tucked into my waistband, for just such occasions 😦

Saturday 9-28: Cross training// Zero My running club, the Houston Striders, competed in a 4×2 mile cross-country relay race; I was supposed to be part of one of the teams, but several people were no-shows, and my team got scratched. I hung out to support the other runners (and get in on free craft beer – win!) and one of our teams took first place overall (win again!!)

Totals for this week: 4 runs (out of 4), 11 miles (out of 12), still no real cross-training

Totals for September: 15 runs, 64.7 miles

The good news…

I was feeling really bummed out when I realized that I was going to have to opt out of the two remaining races in the Houston Marathon Warm-up Series (a 25K in November, and a 30K in December) because I have no discretionary income to pay registrations (and even if I did, I still need one, maybe two pair of new running shoes in the next 90 days – hint, hint, Brooks and Saucony – I’m already a fan, but I could become a groupie, or at least a reviewer 🙂 ) However, I have found some consolation: our club provides supported alternative “races” (not chip-timed, but that means FREE! I’m good with that price point!) for all members. We will have water stations, monitors on bikes, and food and fellowship afterwards (and beer, which seems to be the unifying thread with these folks – not a complaint, just an observation) They do this to allow us a chance to volunteer at the official events, without sacrificing the training opportunities. It’s all optional, and if you choose not to participate, that’s fine, too – but I will be there!

How many of you are members of local running clubs? What are some of your favorite club events/activities?

What are your experiences with volunteering at races – have you ever, and why or why not?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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