Un-race Non-recap, or The one that got away

I promised yesterday to post the recap for the second half of my “double-dip” weekend, the Space City 10-Miler in Clear Lake City, sponsored by On The Run Clear Lake, as part of the HARRA Fall Series. Well, I try hard to keep my promises, so here goes:

Miles run = 0

Overall time = 0:00:00

Pace per mile  = 0

Placed = DNS

Yes, that’s correct – the dreaded DNS (Did Not Start, for the uninitiated). I paid for this race, I trained for it, I planned for it, I got up early and ate breakfast for it, I packed a gear bag for it, I dressed for it, I walked out the door on time for it…and my truck would not start. Since the race location was a 45 minute drive away, on the other side of the city, and I had no back-up plan (How many of you can call a friend at 5 am on Sunday and tell them you need to be across town by 6:30, and then back home after a couple of hours? Me neither) I had to accept that the only tent I would be seeing today would look like this:

truck tent

The wonders of homestyle engineering!

I am hugely disappointed with this turn of events, but in the end I must realize that this is beyond my control…as is so much of life, after all.  There are many ways I can handle things: I could react, allowing my emotions to dictate how I act – but emotions are fragile things, ill-equipped for the responsibility of making choices; or I could respond, weighing my options and the possible outcomes, with consideration given to something beyond the immediate situation. Today, I will admit I did both – first thing this morning I reacted – I came inside, tore off my running gear, threw it on the floor, crawled back into bed and went to sleep, because I just didn’t want to deal with it. When I woke up again, it was raining outside, and I saw it was about the time I had expected to finish the race…sigh. Then I began the response – I got dressed, built my little shelter you see above, and got started working… as of this writing the truck is still not running. I have made arrangements to get to work tomorrow, and I will get back outside before it gets dark, and continue troubleshooting, until I find the answer or run out of questions, or at least until the season premiere of The Walking Dead comes on at 8, I’ve been waiting months for that!

Sorry if you came expecting more, this is all I had for you. See you next week!

P.S. I sent the race director an email, asking about the chance for a deferral towards next year’s race, I’ll let you know what response I get. He might say “No,”, but he can’t say “Yes,” if I don’t ask!



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  2. rundmach

    😦 I’m sad for you but as Jill said, it wasn’t meant to be, there are other reasons for you not being there, maybe an avoided injury. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more races out there 🙂

  3. Nicole Marie

    Total bummer!!! But these crappy things happen sometimes, I suppose. I hope your truck is up and running ASAP! There are still TONS of races ahead of you. Let us know what the race director has to say! Good idea to ask him for a deferral. I had a double dip planned about two months back; an 8.4 loop around Philly’s Schuykill River called “Midnight Madness” (a beautiful run I did last year), followed that SAME night by a 5K called the Electric Run. Turns out it was really humid AND we were expecting thunder storms, and both were cancelled. I was pretty pissed, but we all received a deferral for both, thank goodness. The only crappy part was missing out on a shift for two runs that never happened. Being a runner sucks when you work Saturdays and Sundays.

    I DVR’ed Walking Dead and plan on watching it before bed tonight. That’s a total save of your Sunday!

  4. Jill

    I’m sorry about your disappointed day. However, for whatever reason, you weren’t supposed to be at that race this morning. Good luck troubleshooting!

    • Nick

      I agree, things happen for reasons which are not always apparent to us. (Isa 55, if you don’t mind bible quotes) Thanks for the encouragement!

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