CHM Training update: T-14 weeks – Not my best week ever

So many things went wrong this week, you might forgive me for feeling a little down; on the other hand, so many things went right, or could have been much worse, that staying down would be unforgivable…let’s look at the week:

Sunday 10-13: Race – Space City 10-Miler // DNS  See my “recap” here, but I have some updates – First, I traded emails with the RD, Kevin at On The Run-Clear Lake, and he said that, while they would not be able to extend a deferral for the missed race 😦 I was welcome to come by and pick up my shirt and race bag 🙂 I must therefore retract (at least in part) the remarks I made in my rant post earlier this week – when I am wrong, I say so. Second, my mechanic has found the problem and promises my truck will be fixed and ready to pick up by the time he closes today – and he is giving me a break on the price since I had already done most of the troubleshooting for him; score one for honest repair shops!

Monday 10-14: Rest day //  TM maintenance 37:49 @ 9:24/mi, 4.01 mi  Having missed the race, and spent the previous day under the hood, in the rain, I was now ten miles short for the week, so I figured I would add it back in a little at a time, keep my base strong. No pushing here, normal treadmill progression workout.

Tuesday 10-15: Rest day //  Rest  runcoach (my training plan) allows 2 rest days after longer races, and today I was glad of that…with no ride, I am on buses to get to work and home. This has me out of bed an hour earlier, spending that hour commuting. In the evening the return is even longer, taking 2 hours, and if it runs late I end up walking the last 3 miles home, cutting my overall sleep time by 2-4 hours per day – not that I sleep that much to start with!

Wednesday 10-16: Cross training  //  Rest  More of the same, with more to come, so nothing today.

Thursday 10-17: Maintenance – 45-50 min @ 9:18/mi, 5 mi //  Rest  Rinse and repeat.

Friday 10-18: Maintenance – 55-60 min @ 9:18/mi, 6 mi // Rest I A day off work, to handle some personal business: saw my dentist and got cleared for the next step to my dentures – getting impressions done on Monday. Also met for lunch with some of the other Ambassadors for the Houston Marathon, to discuss strategy and planning as we get closer to race day. We are the inaugural team, so there is no established path; we are breaking trail for those to follow. It’s exciting to meet other runners and learn what we have in common (most of us ran track and field in high school, myself included) as well as what sets us apart as unique individuals (I believe I am the only first-time marathoner in this group).

Saturday 10-19: Cross-training //  Maintenance 26:56 @ 8:57/mi, 3.0 mi; 30 burpees at finish   No running for a week makes Nicky a very dull boy, so I just HAD to get out there and knock the cobwebs off. We had another cool front blow in, so even at noon it was cool enough to kick out the jams just a little bit.

Total for this week: 2 runs, 11.0miles

Total for October: 9 runs, 51.4 miles

The burpees are part of a new goal for next year – I intend to enter my first obstacle race in May… and it’s a Spartan Race at that! Currently there are only two offered in Texas: an 8-mile Super Spartan and a 12-mile Beast, which are both a bit over my head; but the website says they plan to add a 3-mile Sprint – that’s right up my alley! So I signed up for the Spartan WOD, and I will add elements of those to my training until I get past the marathon – then full speed ahead, AROO!

Have you ever found yourself training for two different types of events at the same time? What kind of modifications or compromises did you have to make?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



  1. Maria @ Lil Mys Ninja

    Your mileage looked a lot like mine last week! We all have speed bumps but we can get over them and move forward. 🙂 Hope this week was better for you!

    I’ve not trained for two separate events but just for one and used races up to that event as training runs.

    • Nick

      I have decided that I will focus on the marathon, and do whatever parts of the Spartan WOD’s fit my schedule; there will be LOTS of time after mid-January to change gears for obstacle racing 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, Maria…I always appreciate your writing and your heart!

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