CHM Training update: T-12 weeks – Life in the tired lane

What a week! I will be SO glad when my work schedule changes, my life schedule settles down (as if, right?) and my training schedule gets consistent – but until then, here’s what happened last week:

Sunday 10-27: Long run – 130-140 min @ 9:18/mi, 14-15 mi // 2:06:48 @ 9:28/mi, 13.38 mi  As I posted here, I got the chance to run the Houston Half Marathon; a well-supported training run is not to be missed!

Monday 10-28: Rest day //  Rest  Since I was still having some trouble with my knee, I was very glad for a “rest” day; I just wish I didn’t have a job that requires me to be on my feet all day 😦

Tuesday 10-29: TM fartlek – 1.25 easy run warm up (10:00/mi); 4x [5:00 @ 7:37/mi, 3:00 @ 17:00/mi recovery]; 1.25 mi easy run cool down  //  28:46 @ 8:43/mi, 3.3 miles  This is the first time I have seen a fartlek run in my training plan, and I really enjoyed it…until my knee started complaining, very loudly…so I cut the workout short at two sets, and spent a goodly amount of time stretching with a strap, and foam rolling. I think the combo of too many miles on my shoes, running soaking wet, and my chronic tendonitis ganged up on me…better safe than sorry!

Wednesday 10-30: Cross training  //  Rest This job with its 10-12 hour days of walking, lifting, carrying, etc., might be better suited to the Spartan races I have lined up for next year, but they STINK for marathon training – I’m so worn out by the time I drag myself home, that doing anything else is out of the question. I guess getting paid for “endurance training” is a benefit, but it FEELS like I’m slacking; need to resolve this, I think…

Thursday 10-31: Maintenance – 65-70 min @ 9:18/mi, 7.5 mi //  Rest   Happy Halloween, and yet ANOTHER 12-hour day…nothing else to say.

Friday 11-1: TM threshold – 1.25 mi warm up; 4x [1 mi @ 8:13/mi, 1:00 recover]; 1.25 mi cool down // 42:19 @ 9:24 avg, 4.5 mi  I keep forgetting that the Y closes at 8:30 on Friday; I had to drop one threshold set, and only ran 0.5 mi cool-down, and I was still the LAST one out, except for the girl locking the doors – they turned the lights off while I was in the locker room! On the plus side, my knee seems to have decided to cooperate, no pain at all today or during this workout – WIN!

Saturday 11-2: Cross-training //  Mowed 2 lawns; ran 18:45 @ 9:14/mi, 2 miles  Just because I can’t resist a challenge, I signed up for Solana‘s Beast Mode running streak – 3K, every day in November. I love that it’s a low enough distance that it doesn’t compromise my rest days, and even when I work late, I can manage THIS! I bet you can still get in, why not pop over and check out her blog?

Total for this week: 4 runs, 23.1 miles

Total for October: 14 runs, 81.3 miles (short of my planned 100-mile month, but still not too shabby, eh?)

Total for November: 2 runs, 6.5 miles

The cooler days seem to have decided to stick around, at least I hope so. I ordered my first pair of running tights today, went all-in and got compression tights – found them really cheap on Amazon, so we shall see what we get…I will be sure to let you know 🙂

The mileage really starts piling on in November – tomorrow’s run is booked as 15 miles (eek!), with 30-40 miles per week lying in wait (double-eek!!); if I stay faithful, I will double my October training – and I will be VERY happy when new shoes become a realistic purchase for me, hopefully before the month is over…I just broke 600 miles on my current (and only) pair. I should be going back to my regular job, as well, which will double my weekly salary at a stroke. (Can you say “solvency”? I knew you could!)  And I am supposed to receive the dentures I have been waiting and working for nearly this entire year – heck, I didn’t really start training until the week I had 11 teeth and 4 root fragments cut out – being nearly done has thoughts like this going through my head:


What are your thoughts on compression gear? Run in it, or just for recovery?

What is the most miles you have ever put on a pair of shoes, and lived to tell about it?

What was your biggest non-injury obstacle to overcome during a training cycle?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



  1. bke161

    I use compression socks for my long runs, both during and after. I have noticed that my legs do feel a little bit better after doing this. Also, compression sleeves with normal running socks during a run works better than just compression socks for my runs.

    • Nick

      Thanks for the tip! I have very thin legs, and wasn’t sure if compression would be of any benefit; guess I will find out soon enough, keep y’all posted!

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