CHM Training update: T-11 weeks – A tale of two shoes

“It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks, it was the week of wisdom, it was the week of foolishness…” Wait, is that right? Well, it’s close enough, and certainly accurate, in my case – Let’s review the week as it was:

Sunday 11-3: Long run – 150-160 min @ 9:18/mi, 16-17 mi // 2:43:21 @ 10:53/mi, 15.01 mi  This makes my longest distance to date! I was thrilled when I heard Nike+ announce “13.5 miles”, knowing that every step carried me further into uncharted territory. However. it was also the most painful run I have ever endured; I blame this entirely on two factors – one, I have been shorting blowing off my cross-training throughout this entire training cycle; and two, I have far and long exceeded the effective life of my shoes – 600 miles is simply ridiculous, and I deserved every bit of the sore knees and aching back I was left with by the time I finally decided to stop.

Monday 11-4: Rest day //  19:56 @ 9:47/mi, 2 miles Work was slow, so I had a day off – WHEW! I took advantage of the break to go shopping, and hunted down some new running shoes! I wanted another pair of the Ride 4’s I have been running in, since I can’t afford any of my dream shoes right now; but apparently I waited just a bit too long…they were a clearance item, and got pulled off the shelf over the weekend 😦 So I did some real quick research (gosh, I love smart phones!) and selected the most suitable alternative that fit my budget: the Saucony Cohesion 6 (I secretly wanted these in neon yellow, but my wife threatened to spray-paint them black if I bought them…she keeps asking why running shoes must be so – in her words –  ugly!)

new shoe(source)

I took them out for a quick shake-out run (as today’s entry in Solana’s #beaststreak) and so far, so good – we shall see how they hold up after a week or so, or at least through next week’s long run, another 15-miler 🙂

Tuesday 11-5: TM paces – 1.75 easy run warm up (10:00/mi); 4x [0.25 mi @ 7:20/mi, 1:30 recovery]; 1.5 mi easy run cool down  //  54:36, 5.15 mi (cut the cool down off at 0.5 mi) I look forward to this workout every week now, because it makes me smile when I get through it…I remember the first few times I did these, when I would be dying by the 2nd or 3rd repeat,  and now I can burn through all 8 sets – clear evidence that persistence pays off! Also another winning showing for new shoes – I think that many of my aches and pains are going to be behind me, at least as long as I don’t try to “cheap” my way through training any more – they call it “wisdom” because it’s what you learn AFTER you do it wrong the first time!

Wednesday 11-6: Cross training  //  Rest  Even though I got through the pace workout without any problems, I woke up feeling very sore in the knees again, so I decided to err on the side of caution and let more healing happen; I did have another serious session with the foam roller – my dog just sits and watches me while I’m rolling, like she is trying to figure out if I need to be defended from this object that appears to be causing my so much pain! Just to be safe, I don’t leave it out when I’m done, she can be destructive when she sets her mind to it 🙂 Unfortunately, this means I have broken the #beaststreak less than one week into it, and I am disapointed in myself for that…but I won’t be running at all if I don’t listen to my body and let it rebuild when it needs it, that is just a fact.

Thursday 11-7: Maintenance – 65-70 min @ 9:18/mi, 7.5 mi //  Hills repeats: 0.5 mi warm-up, 5 sets of over-the-hill-and back @ 1 km each, 0.5 mil cool down; 4.8 mi, 49:57  As I have said before, I really like this particular workout, because I KNOW that hill training builds endurance and speed, and both of these things work toward my goals. The drawback is how hard the incline is on knees and ankles, which are my chronic problems. I intended to to 10 sets, but by the fifth I knew that would be pushing too far – I would rather quit strong than finish crippled. It was also very windy, and once it got dark my hands started going numb; I will be so glad when I get my winter gear in order – no more excuses!

Friday 11-8: TM threshold – 1.75 mi warm up; 2x [2 mi @ 8:13/mi, 2:00 recover]; 1.5 mi cool down // Rest  I got off work early enough, even had my gear packed in the truck to go straight to the gym…and then last thing, as we were unloading the moving dollies and dumping trash at the end of the day, one of the other guys lost control of the cart he was handling and it rolled down the ramp and smashed into the back of my ankle – OH MY GOODNESS were not the actual words I used, but this is a family-friendly blog (most of the time) so that’s what we’re going with…needless to say, that took the wind out of  a workout, so I limped home and iced the injury. It doesn’t appear any more serious that a good bruise, VERY thankful for that.

Saturday 11-9: Cross-training //  Spartan beginner challenge WOD: warm-up – 3 min jump rope; 3 sets [10 burpees, 10 crunches, 30-sec plank, 2 min jump rope, 2 min recover]; stretching cool-down  I subscribe to the Spartan WOD emails, and this was posted on Monday as an introduction for beginner racers, and since I have been doing almost nothing for cross-training, I thought this would be a good place to start. I will be doing this 1-3 times a week for now and see how I do – and yes, burpees suck challenge me!

Total for this week: 3 runs, 26.9 miles, 1 day XT

Total for November: 5 runs, 33.4 miles

There were two other non-running developments this week. The first was that I met with my dentist on Wednesday and did the final fitting and selection of teeth for my dentures; they are off to the lab to be made! Because of a backlog, they will not be ready until the first week of December, so I will be making “modifications” on Thanksgiving dinner, but look out Christmas!

Pictured: MY serving!Pictured: MY serving!

The other big news for the week is that I am done with furniture – I have completed all the requirements of my suspension and I am returning to my regular job (and regular income!) as of Monday!! This means that my schedule will normalize to consistent hours, I will get off early enough to get my workouts done without sacrificing the rest of my life, and I will be able to afford all the stuff I need to perform well: warm workout clothes, proper nutrition, better quality shoes when I need them – a huge burden of doubt has been lifted off my shoulders, and so my heart is filled with gratitude and thanksgiving, right when I most needed the boost; isn’t it awesome how God works to provide exactly the right thing at exactly the right time?

How do you deal with lingering injuries, without losing heart?

Have you ever had doubts that resolved themselves at the last minute?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


  1. bke161

    I am starting to do some of the Spartan WOD now as well. Those emails have some great ideas to change up my routine and focus on some much neglected areas.

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