CHM Training update: T-10 weeks – Giving up a little to gain a lot

I started this week with high hopes; the thinking was that some positive changes outside of running would inevitably lead to some positive changes in running…but something different happened, instead – let’s take a look at how it went.

Sunday 11-10: Long run – 130-140 min @ 9:18/mi, 14-15 mi // Rest  I woke up feeling awful – stuffy head, full body aches, maybe even a low fever, I didn’t check…so I took some aspirin, ate something, and crawled back into bed; must have been the right answer, because I slept until noon, but felt tons better. Spent the remainder of the day in fellowship: went to the Houston Half Marathon’s Volunteer Appreciation luncheon (totally gorged on fajitas!) and then visited at a church my wife and I are considering joining – overall, a great day, even without a run!

Monday 11-11: Rest day //  Rest  First day back at my “real” job, after nearly two months…climbing ladders, walking up and down five flights of stairs, nearly a half-mile from the parking lot to the jobsite…great to be back to normal! Nice change in work hours, too – 6:30-3:00, instead of 7:30-7:00; now I can actually count on getting my workouts done!

Tuesday 11-12: TM “big workout” – 1.5 easy run warm up (9:45/mi); 2x [0.75 mi @ 7:54/mi, 1:30 recovery]; 30 min @ 9:18/mi; 2x [0.75 mi @ 7:54/mi, 1:30 recovery]; 1.5 mi easy run cool down  //  1:04:26, 6.6 mi My normal pace workout, with a big steady run chunk added into the middle – nice, if you can do it…and today, I couldn’t. The first pace set went well, I wasn’t too terribly stressed by either the speed or duration. About halfway into the steady run, I began to feel my knee stiffening up, and my ankles were getting sore, so I stopped to do some quick stretches, which helped. But by the time I made it another 15 minutes, I was hurting a lot more; so another, longer pause to stretch and walk a bit…not much improvement. Less than 30 seconds into the second pace set, I knew it was time to quit. I spent 20 minutes or so on the foam roller, and doing some serious stretching with a yoga strap, but I was still limping a little as I left the gym.

Wednesday 11-13: Cross training  //  Rest

Thursday 11-14: Maintenance – 25-30 min @ 9:18/mi, 3 mi //  Rest

Friday 11-15: Maintenance – 25-30 min @ 9:18/mi, 3 mi //  Rest 

Saturday 11-16: Cross training  //  Rest  

Total for this week: 1 runs, 6.6 miles, 0 XT

Total for November: 6 runs, 40 miles

As I wrote earlier this week, I am taking a brief hiatus from running – in fact, from nearly all training activity that causes pain – to allow my body some time to heal, and to keep from further aggravating my injuries. I will be searching out a sports medicine doctor this week, to schedule an appointment; I will also begin the quest for the best price on some top tier running shoes – I have some good leads already, through my relationship with and, plus several local running stores that are affiliated with my running club – networking pays off ;).
Mostly I am reviewing what I have done, right and wrong, and trying to draw the correct lessons from my experiences; keep the good, change the bad, and accept that this is a normal part of the learning curve for a new runner. I am not thinking too far ahead, until I have more information…that would be a waste of time and energy that could better be spent living in this moment…

See? I can be taught! Stay with me, folks, I will update you as new developments occur.


  1. LilMysNinja

    I think I’m having flash backs! This sounds much like me! I pushed through the half marathon last weekend and I haven’t ran since. I don’t have another race until next Saturday and I honestly don’t plan on running until then. It’s a 5k and after cranking 13.1 miles, a 5k just sounds so simple. *shrugs* I just need my ankle to heal and resting it is going to be the best thing right now. Take care, rest up and heal yourself! Hope the sports med doctor helps. I’m also thinking of seeing one. Good luck!

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