Weekly Update 2-8-14 : Not much to report

Yet another less-than-satisfying week has gone by, and while I am happy to note that I seem to be past the blues (thanks to God for that; He does respond to prayer, once you start praying for the right things…but that is a whole ‘nother subject) I still have several other things going on that are getting in the way of my workouts – the job is cranking up to a higher pitch, so my actual work week is closer to 50 hours than the 40 they pay me for; and the weather is still getting me down…after working outside all day in the cold, I am exhausted and have a really hard time finding the motivation to get back out in the dark to run. I did manage a couple of workouts, and I finally have a plan to get some cross-training done, so there has been some improvement; now I need to build on that momentum! Let’s take a quick look at how the week went:

Monday 2-3:  Easy run– 3.1  miles, 33:49   We had a rare pleasant weather day, and for a change I had gotten caught up on work early, so I leaped at the chance to get out and run my basic 5K out-and-back workout. Since it had been over a week, I purposely ran this easy and slow…and just like last week, I ran without knee or ankle braces with no pain. I still can’t draw any conclusions, but I am cautiously optimistic about things so far!

Saturday 2-8:  Easy run– 3.1  miles, 31:05   I spent the day watching other people run (see below) so there was no way I could let the sun go down without logging some miles of my own. I pushed the pace a little as I went, taking 30 seconds off each successive mile, and it totally felt like I had more to give…I am beginning to look forward to the races I have coming up in a few weeks!

Total for this week: 2 run, 6.2 miles

Total for February: 2 runs, 6.2 miles; #runthisyear goal 4.9% (100/2014 km)

Living Water fundraising to date: $73.00

The highlight of my week was getting the chance to be on the other side of the table today: I volunteered with other members of the HATR Nation (Houston Area Trail Runners, remember? We like our “secret” name 🙂 ) to work the aid stations at the Piney Woods TrailFest  today at the Lake Houston Wilderness Park, New Caney, TX. Here’s some video I shot to share with you; I was too busy while runners were coming through to even think about getting any action shots.  Sorry about the break, but I got a phone call in the middle of filming, and this is my first attempt at vlogging (there has got to be a better word for that!)

I had a real blast doing this…even the waiting for one last runner to finish her final loop, more than an hour behind everyone else – I am glad the race director let her slide on the cutoff time; she was sooo close when she finished 20 miles, and we promised to escort her in, so she wouldn’t be all alone out there. We did, too – pacing her in relays all the way from the start to first aid station; into my station; through the turnaround loop (she was walking by then); back to me, and then running back to the finish…we had everything broken down and back to base by the time she got there, and we cheered her across the mat at just over 8 hours – and she was smiling and grateful to have us there, I think we made a huge difference for her. I was proud to be apart of that! (We might be the HATR Nation, but we got nothing but love for all runners!)

Have you ever volunteered at a race?

What is your favorite memory?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


    • Nick

      You nailed it! It’s really easy to sit at home and make excuses, a whole lot harder when you’re out watching it happen “without” you! And connecting with other runners is a fantastic source of advice on overcoming challenges, because there is always someone who has been where you are, right?

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