Weekly Update 3-1-14: Happy running, and happy birthday!

Ahh, March…for me, this has always been the true beginning of Spring. I don’t really care what the groundhog says, or what the almanac or calendar declares the official date to be; in my mind once February is over, so is winter – and having my birthday land on the first day of March makes it even more significant! (I was very nearly a Leap Baby…1968 was a leap year, and I was born at about 12:30 in the morning; Mom told me once she was hanging on for all she was worth, watching the clock and hoping for the best 🙂 ) Nowadays, March also signals the beginning of active racing season – there is a race or two…or three, or four..every weekend, and it is sooo tempting to sign up and run all of them; but that way lies madness, and probable injury, as well. I am trying very hard to maintain discipline with the Hansons’ Marathon Beginner regimen, running only as much as the schedule calls for during the base-building stage, hoping to lay a solid foundation for the hard work yet to come…let’s see how well I did last week!

Sunday 2-23:  Easy run– 3  miles, 29:27 (9:37/mi)  I was supposed to do 3 miles on Saturday and 4 miles on Sunday, but since I did more like 5 total, including the race, I swapped it out and ran the shorter distance today. It was a beautiful warm sunny day. and I felt really comfortable…a positive sign that my body has recovered well from all I have done to it, and I am ready to begin growing again!

Monday 2-24:  Rest/cross-training   Nothing too complicated: I did my usual pre-run stretching warm up, followed by 5 sets of 10 pushups/10 squats/10 burpees/10 dips, with about 2 minutes recovery between sets. I am sticking to body weight workouts for now, mainly because I don’t own any weights and a gym membership is out of reach at the moment…but any workout is better than no workout!

Tuesday 2-25:  Easy run– 4.1  miles, 41:54 (10:11/mi)   This week Hansons takes the daily run up to 4 miles, but the pace is still “easy”; I like that I can take the time to regain my confidence about running without pain.

Wednesday 2-26:  Rest/cross-training   repeat on Monday’s theme; I will add more reps to each set next week, and some core work as well – gotta get that upper body prepared for Spartan races!

Thursday 2-27:  Easy run– 4.1  miles, 40:07 (9:48/mi)   My run takes me past the high school, and I get a kick out of the way the kids who are waiting for their rides are beginning to recognize me and say hello…I feel like I am making new friends every time I run, and that is cool 🙂

Friday 2-28:  Easy run– 4  miles, 41:54 (10:19/mi)   My training plan gives me some leeway on what an “easy” run is, with a range of 1-2 min/mile slower than (desired) marathon pace, and I was feeling tired today so I opted for the slower end of the range…I still have my sights set on that 4:00 hour finish, and this run falls well within that overall goal. I think that every workout should have the end result in the back of my mind, to remember how it all fits into the big picture and stay motivated…don’t you agree?

Saturday 3-1:  Rest and recovery – no workout   I was supposed to put in one more 4-miler today, but in honor my birthday, I declared it a rest day and spent the time with family, relaxing and enjoying myself – because I deserve it!

Total for this week: 4 runs, 15.3 miles

Total for February: 15 runs, 51 miles; #runthisyear goal 9.9% (200/2014 km)

Living Water fundraising to date: $117.00

I am very much looking forward to the races this month, and the soon-to-begin speed and strength workouts…I have been pleased with the ease with which I have been adding miles to my weekly totals, and I believe that March will finally be my first 100-mile month this year, a goal I set for myself and will be thrilled to finally achieve.

What goals are you pursuing for yourself this year?

What helps you with maintaining the effort?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


    • Nick

      Thanks! The weeks only get better as I get deeper into the Hansons’ plan; I am looking forward to getting to 50-mile weeks…is there something wrong with me?

      I hear you on the weather – Houston is schizo lately, went from ice on the roads Monday to mid-60’s on Friday…hard to know how to dress in the morning 😦

  1. Kristy

    Happy birthday!!

    I’m with you, March to me, means Spring is hear, and I get all excited. Usually I get really really disappointed, because it doesn’t actually get warm until mid to late April, but each year I’m hopeful! 2012 was the best, I think we hit 80° in March. (Which sounds fab right now)!

  2. courage2run

    Happy birthday!!

    My number one goal is to become a consistent runner. I tend to do really with a traing schedule and that WAM! Take a week, (or two), off. I want to work on that this year.

    One thing which is helping me to stay motivated is I signed up for RAGNAR with some friends. Knowing I have a team helps me to stay focused! I don’t went to let them down. 🙂

      • mizunogirl

        You want a slowpoke, it would be me… But I know that A ragnar trail race in the fall would make my coach actually birth a cow right in front of me… He;s been really lenient which is not like him, but I do not think he would be that lenient.

      • Nick

        It sounds like just telling him you signed up for it would be a video opportunity not to be missed:) But good for you for (mostly) listening to your coach…better for most of us if we did the same!

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