Rainy days and cancellations make me cry…

I was supposed to run the Houston Half Marathon this morning;  in fact went out of my way on Thursday to go directly to packet pick up and register the moment I put my paycheck in the bank. But, thanks to Hurricane Patricia, the weather turned against us to the point that the Mayor’s Office of Special Events asked the RD yesterday to preemptively cancel the race. I’m sure it was not an easy decision, but around 4 pm the word went out, the race was off.  The Houston Striders, sponsor and organizers of the race (full disclosure: this was the first running club I ever joined, and I am a current member) have been in contact with all registered runners, and on social media,  promising more information in just a few days;  perhaps they will be able to reschedule, I hope so. I belive they made the best decision…parts of Houston got 5 inches of rain, and it doesn’t take that much in the wrong place to strangle this city. It is still raining as I write this; I gave up on it stopping and did a 3 mile shake out run this evening in driving rain and gusting winds (which really sucked but I am glad I did it).

In any case, I suspected it might happen this way, so I made sure to make it to lead the Saturday long run with RHC.  We had 13 miles on tap, with 5 of that at marathon goal pace. It was warm, it was stupid humid, and we got a little lost at the turn around and added about 1/4 mile, but that just made sure we all got our Strava half marathon achievement  🙂   The miles flowed along, everything worked like it was supposed to,  and I an feeling more and more confident in being able to reach my goals this year… quite a change from a year ago.

This time last year, I had just spent truly amazing weekend at Flat Rock Ranch with a group of friends both old and new, running my first relay race at Ragnar Trails Hill Country. (There was a schedule push this year, Ragnar was this weekend, and I couldn’t join, but my friends’ team placed first overall -yay for them! ) I was tired and sore from 15 miles over the hills and rocks, but felt like I owed the Half a decent run, and maybe a new course PR; the previous year’s 2:15 in the rain seemed ready to fall. I was also mindful of the looming Spartan Beast, now less than one week away. Not that any of that would hold me back – I ran my guts out – and my knees, as I would soon discover – and I got my course PR, and my second sub-2:00 half…so what if I was limping out of the chute and would not be able to bend my legs the next morning – I had a whole week to recover!

I’ll let you imagine how well that went. (Spoiler: not so much) Next time, we’ll talk about Spartan, and about some things going in in my real life during this period, and how the one affected the other. See you soon!


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