Out with the old, in with the new…everything!

Four years ago this week, I published my very first post on my new running blog – my first step toward embracing an entirely new and different way of life. The goals I listed that day have mostly been met, but along the way I learned that reaching the goals does not end the journey...so new goals are always necessary.  That is the spirit of the Resolution – an effort to examine past performance,  assess current situations, and set new goals. We tell ourselves we’ll be better this year,  and sometimes we even succeed. (Just making it to another year ought to count for something – so many didn’t.) So this year,  I decided to go back to things that worked before and see if they still work.  Blogging was a way to think out loud about my life and my choices,  and it served me well,  until I “got busy” and abandoned it. 

Let’s just say,  I got un-busy.

Today finds me on the cusp of another series of radical life transformations. In no particular order :

  • I’m still running, sort of;  I plan to run the ABB 5K and Aramco Half Marathon in two weeks as my farewell to Houston. I dropped from the full to the half this year because I’m in nowhere near the condition I need for 26.2 miles. I’ve been slacking even at that,  so the next two weeks are about just not embarrassing or injuring myself at the races.  I’ll be posting about that. 
  • My wife and I are selling the house, buying a luxury RV, and moving to our dream home in the Rio Grande Valley. This has been in planning for two years;  my father’s passing this summer was the trigger event. Nothing else holds me here in Houston, and Karen has two other sisters who care for her mom already. Why wait until I’m too old to go where I want to be? In truth, everything I have ever known or done is here, so  I am excited, and just a little scared,  but I’m going nonetheless. I’ll post about that, too.
  • If something else is really heavy on my mind, you may see that here also. Sometimes I’m looking for feedback,  sometimes I may just need to vent.  I’ll try to keep this to a minium 🙂

The appearance and pages are being reviewed, but all previous content will be preserved.  I hope to have all this finished fairly soon; if change must occur,  better to get them done.

 Thanks  for stopping by ,  I hope to have something new semi regularly .  See you again! 


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