“SOLD” is a four-letter word…

My wife and I listed our house for sale this week ;  signed the listing agreement on Monday,  went live on MLS Tuesday morning,  and sold on Thursday night. Wow.

This is the first house my grandfather bought after WWII  when he was ready to settle down and make a home for his family. This is the house my father rented to live in when he divorced my mother and kept me -in 1970, mind you. This is the house we shuttered when my grandpa passed away and we went to live with grandma so she wouldn’t be alone. 

This is the house I moved into when college and marriage proved to be too much to accomplish at the same time. This is the house my daughters call home. This is the house that I brought my second wife, and her children  in to when they became part of me.  This is the house those boys now call home as well. 

This is the house I thought I would live in until I died.  This is the house I thought I would see my daughter and my grandsons live in someday (or not see, but provide for, to be more accurate). But life is about what happens more than what we think will happen . And what happened is, I sold my house today . 

Much to do, much to plan, much to avoid as well. Pray for me, y’all ,  and stay tuned – I can’t do this without you. 



One comment

  1. Darleene Tex Watkins

    This is the house I always thought you would be in, but your dreams have led you elsewhere and although I will be left behind I know I will never be far from your hearts. Save me a spot on the couch and a chair by the waves… my heart goes with you. I love you two always and wish you the best.

    Love big sis

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