Moving at breakneck speed…all too literally 

As I last posted, we sold our house, step one of the Great Reboot of Life we have undertaken.  Since then,  things have been moving at a speedy clip; furniture being sold/given away,  boxes pulled from nooks and crannies we forgot we had, lists being drawn up and crossed off. Then,  in a matter of seconds,  it all goes into a skid – still moving,  just not in the intended direction. 

The literal skid is the only coherent memory I have from an auto accident I was involved in 5 days ago.  I slammed my 3/4 ton truck sideways intro a concrete divider wall, rebounding into another vehicle, and coming to rest in the lane I started in.  I somehow got out under my own power,  walked over to the wall, and laid down on the concrete.  It goes fuzzy for a while,  then I’m in an emergency room,  strapped to the gurney,  being told I have a broken neck. I can still feel and move everything,  so I don’t believe them,  but they weren’t asking me what I believed, they were telling me what was really happening. 

After seeing the inside of every piece of imaging equipment there is, they gathered enough to decide I didn’t need surgery  (yet) and that it was a “minor” fracture at the C-6 vertebra. Couple weeks wearing a cervical collar, be careful,  etc. In all truth I am blessed beyond belief. But what a time for this to happen.  Wheels already in motion cannot be stopped easily or cheaply…especially when you don’t really want to stop them.  We close the house in 8 days – that is a fixed point.  The RV show where we will buy our new home starts two days later.  That is another fixed point.  We are putting that RV in Port Isabel, Tx and moving into it as soon as we are done with my doctor appointments – that is a floating point,  but within a very narrow range,  which is still pretty good. Men have built marvelous works by starting out with just two or three fixed points;  you just line up the points,  pick a direction,  and start building. 

The challenges are real, no doubt – we have no vehicle;  I lost a considerable portion of my tools, although I can’t work at the moment  (I can just barely make it to the bathroom) so I have lost the last three contracts I was counting on for moving expenses. But we have a storage unit that will hold all we plan to take,  and plenty of friends to help with getting it all packed up.  I have a lead on a great deal for a replacement truck,  and while we may settle for our”safety” trailer instead of the top of the line we want,  it will still be new and ours and home

Life keeps happening,  we keep moving,  things keep changing.  Knowing this won’t make you immune,  or invincible, but it helps when something gets sideways and skids through all your plans.  Nothing stops,  it just changes direction. 


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